Dark Living

A couple live in a mansion alone as they try to blend in with the rest of the towns people except they have a problem. The husband is a vampire and the wife is a werewolf.


13. 13

Carol continued holding Crow’s hand till she fell asleep laying her head on the side of the bed against the side of his chest when Crow woke up with a start waking Carol up as she looked at him in shock and she said, “David!” Before he could say anything she embraced him and kissed him hard in the cheek.  The heart monitor began fluctuating as Crow looked wide eyed and made choking sounds and Carol immediately let him go and Crow tried to regain his breath as Carol looked apologetic at him and said, “Sorry.” The head nurse stood from her desk and looked inside and noticed he is awake and she immediately picked up a phone and began talking.  Moments later a doctor came in with a nurse and they checked his vitals and removed the breathing hose and equipment and asked Crow his name and where he lived and once he responded to the questions correctly he and Carol are told by the doctor that Crow has to stay for two days just to make sure nothing else happens and he is ready to leave.  Crow said, “No offense doctor but I can take care of myself.” He sat up in the bed but as he tried to move his legs they felt numb and he grunted in frustration before sitting back and the doctor said, “I’m sorry Mr. Crow, but I insist you have to stay till all your motor skills have recovered.” Carol looked at Crow and failed to keep back from laughing and said, “I’m sorry David, but I think this time you can’t take care of yourself.” Crow sighed disappointingly and said, “Fine, since I don’t have a choice.” Once the doctor left Carol stood and said, “I’m going to take care of a few things to rebuild our home.  In the meantime you can listen to some of the music I was able to salvage.” She looked through a few cassette tapes and held one and said, “Blue Oyster Cult suits you.” And she was about to insert the tape when Crow blocked her hand and almost yelped, “Hell no!” She looked at him as if he’s crazy and Crow recomposed himself and said, “Sorry, I think this time I like to listen to some classical.” Carol rolled her eyes and said, “Unfortunately one of those tapes did survive.” She put the tape in the cassette player and Carol and Crow both kissed and Carol said, “I’ll be back in a few hours.” Crow said, “I’m not going anywhere.” They both smirked and tried to hide their laughs before Carol walked away while Crow sat back in his bed and listened to Beethoven with his eyes closed. 


    Deep in the forest where King’s body laid with a large rock laying where his head was the forest is alive with life in the last waining minutes of light until it became night with a full moon and suddenly the forest went dead silent.  In a calm demeanor King’s hands moved from where they laid and lifted the rock where his head was and set it gently to the side and there is a squishy, liquid sound and after a few moments King’s body rose up and his face and head is clear of scars and other wounds as if it was never crushed by the rock Carol used to smash his head and face in.  King cringed in anger and said, “I am going to get that bi...” Suddenly King was yanked back down on his back and was at first dragged on the dirt ground till he was hoisted upside in the air with a seaweed rope holding onto one of his legs and he sighed in frustration and said, “God damn it not agAIN!” As he spoke he was throttled high into the air and away from the forest towards the ocean as he screamed the last syllables till he was head no more, and just as he disappeared the forest resumed its noises and natural order of life.


    In a volcanic world where almost the entire surface is covered with lava with the exception of a five square mile landmass that is black and looks like it is untouched by any recent lava flow a big, bright light appeared and a Reaper fell through and landed hard on the black, rocky surface.  He grunted and groaned with frustration as he tried to stand when a deep voice rang out, “Where is he?” The Reaper looked back and up with a sense of fear as his eyes widen.  Reaper said, “Sir, he somehow figured out how to wake himself up.  I didn’t know....” A bright red light hit him and he flew back and fell into the lava ocean surrounding the single landmass screaming and thrashing all the way down till he hit the lava and was consumed as the voice screamed (so loud as if it echoed throughout the entire planet), “FOOL!” There was a short silence, except the sounds of bubbling or erupting lava flows as a large figure with horns sat behind a thrown immersed in darkness sighed and said, “Now I must find another way to get out of this damn dimension.” The figure leaned over in his thrown and his face lite up from the orange light rays of the lava surrounding the island to reveal the face of Satan, as he gritted his sharp, yellow teeth in anger. 

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