Dark Living

A couple live in a mansion alone as they try to blend in with the rest of the towns people except they have a problem. The husband is a vampire and the wife is a werewolf.


12. 12

Crow looked about with a sense of anxiety but tried to keep looking calm as he looked around the recovery room as the nurses and other people first walked normally then moved slower and slower till they suddenly stopped in mid motion to whatever they were doing.  Crow said, “Now what?” A deep firm voice said, “I have been summoned to retrieve you.” Crow looked through the glass walls and door to his room to the recovery room outside and standing in the open area is a Reaper.  Crow stared at it as if gawking but kept his calm demeanor and said, “But, I don’t want to die.  Tell God that I am willing to stay.” Reaper said, “If you think God sent me to collect you you’re wrong.  The doctor that operated on your head is no ordinary doctor.  Toxicon was merely disguising himself and he put a drug in your head that renders you temporarily unconscious till I come to collect you to finish the deal between his master and mine.” Crow looked wide eyed and said, “What masters?” Reaper said, “Enough talk!” then in a flash the Reaper stood to the left of Crow’s unconscious body and rose up his scythe and Crow screamed, “NO!” He grabbed the hilt of the scythe just as the Reaper raised it over Crow’s unconscious head and they both struggled till Crow yanked it out of his grasp.  Reaper turned on Crow but then Crow kicked him in the mid-section and Reaper blasted through the glass wall and bell backwards as Crow threw the scythe to the floor on his right.  


    Crow bared his fangs as he screamed with rage and ran towards Reaper before jumping on top of him.  Reaper raised his black, bony hands and kept Crow back just as Crow tried to bite his face merely inches away from Reaper’s face.  The Reaper made a high pitch screech and Crow was thrown back hitting the back of his head to his bed and he shook his head with a look of dizziness.  The Reaper flew to grab his scythe but in a flash Crow charged and kicked him in the right rib flipping the Reaper over as he flew and smashed through another glass wall and before the Reaper had a chance to get up Crow grabbed the Reaper, spun and threw him slamming his back against the glass entrance doors to the recovery room.  Crow then jumped with his right fist raised and when he came down to punch the Reaper in the face he disappeared and Crow slammed his fist onto the glass doors, creating cracks on the glass.  When Crow turned he saw the Reaper grab his scythe and Crow flew right after him as he bared his sharp fingers and fangs as he hissed when suddenly the Reaper was right in front of him and he elbowed Crow in the face, knocking him to the floor as he rolled onto his back and the Reaper planted his foot on his chest.  The Reaper raised his scythe and brought it down when Crow grabbed it with both hands just when the sharp tip was just barely an inch from his nose and he and the Reaper grunted and cringed as they pushed and blood appeared on Crow’s hands as the scythe dug into his hands and the blood dripped onto Crow’s suit.  Then the scythe came down as the Reaper yelled in anger and Crow moved his head to the left just as the scythe came down and struck the floor before Crow kicked the Reaper in the groin and he let go of the scythe leaving it wedged onto the floor.  Crow then jumped onto his feet, grabbed the Reaper, spun and threw him were his back hit below the reception counter.  Crow then grabbed him, lifted him up and repeatedly punched him in the face till the Reaper grabbed a pot of candy on top of the reception desk and smashed the plastic pot across Crow’s face sending pieces of the pot and candy flying everywhere forcing Crow to loose his grip.  The Reaper then grab Crow by the collar with one hand and threw him to his left where he smashed through the glass door to his room and hit his back at the foot of his bed and almost fell on top of his unconscious body when he put his left hand down and felt a tingling sensation.  


    Crow looked down and saw to his amazement his hand disappeared into his unconscious body’s foot and his foot twitched and there was a temporary spike on his vitals.  Crow said, “Interesting, I found a way to waken myself.” He then turned and saw the Reaper give his same shrill cry as he pulled out his scythe from the floor and cried out, “TIME TO COLLECT YOUR SOUL!” Crow smirked and replied calmly, “Bring it shit face.” The Reaper then flew after him with his scythe raised and his face full of fury and just when he was right in front of him, Crow gave an angry cry and jumped up in the air and kicked both his feet into the Reaper’s chest sending him flying backwards.  Just after he kicked the Reaper in the chest Crow fell perfectly into his unconscious body and disappeared just as the Reaper smashed through the entrance glass doors to the recovery room as he watched him disappear and the Reaper looked shocked in mid fall and screamed, “NO!” And just as he was about to fall to the floor he disappeared in a flash of light.

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