Dark Living

A couple live in a mansion alone as they try to blend in with the rest of the towns people except they have a problem. The husband is a vampire and the wife is a werewolf.


11. 11

The doors to the emergency room swung open and Crow was wheeled in a stretcher all wired and strapped as the doctor and nurses took his vitals and nursed him as Carol followed right beside him holding his right hand.  One of the nurses turned to Carol and said urgently, “Ma’m you have to let go so can help him!” Carol glared at her as a glint of yellow shined through one of her eyes and yelled, “I’m not leaving him!” The doctor turned to her and said, “Ma’m we cannot help him unless you get out of the way!  Please!” Carol ignored him at first but when they passed through another set of doors two nurses got in her way and she resisted and tried to shove past till one of the hospital curtains fell in front of her and to her surprise she let go.  They switched Crow to another stretcher and removed his clothes to a hospital gown and once they left Carol followed closely till they entered the operating room where she was blocked by a security guard and he said, “Ma’m only hospital personal are permitted!” She glared at him but stood back nonetheless and walked to the guard’s right and watched through one of the viewing windows as the doctor and nurses operated on Crow.  Carol watched and heard the doctor and nurses as they announced Crow’s injuries and began to operate on him as she watched with growing anxiety as they held onto the handrail along the window tightly and not noticing that she was crushing the metal handrail in her grasp.  A nurse approached Carol and she said, “Ma’m, this could take a while.  The waiting room is just outside and you look like you need some rest.” Carol glared at her at the right corner of her eye and said, “I’m fine.  Leave me, now.” The nurse looked fearful and she stepped back and left Carol be as she continued to watch the operation.  


    Carol stood what seemed like hours as she watched the doctor and nurses operate on David’s head and saw another doctor entering the room with operating tools and she watched as they prepped Crow for head surgery.  Carol continued to watch, even as the doctors and nurses worked on Crow’s head injury, till they finished and then moved him from the operating room to the recovery ward as Carol followed and watched as they hooked him up with vital monitors and a breathing machine and a nurse approached Carol and said, “Are you David Crow’s wife?” Carol replied, “Yes, is he going to be alright?” The nurse replied, “Physically he is okay, but do to the extent of his head injury he is in coma.” Carol looked at her with a sense of fear and said, “When will he wake up?” The nurse sighed and replied, “We don’t know ma’m.  Hopefully we will find out in the next 24 hours.” Carol said, “What happens after 24 hours?” The nurse replied, “After 24 hours we will know if he is mentally stable and nothing else will happen so he will be able to wake up on his own.” Carol said, “I’m staying with him.” The nurse said, “Yes ma’m, but only during visiting hours.” Carol glared at her and said, “Like I give a shit.” The nurse looked shocked as Carol ignored her and sat beside Crow’s right side and held his hand.  Carol smiled and said, “I’m here David.  I will never leave your side.” Crow (In an out of body experience) stood behind Carol with his hands on her shoulders as he knelt beside her (as she held his unconscious body’s hand) and said, “I will come back my love.  Whenever my body decides to wake up.” Carol sat beside Crow till it became night outside and a nurse came by and told her to leave, but Carol glared at her and said angrily, “I am not leaving!  He is all I have left!” The nurse said, “Ma’m you have to.  There is a hotel right across the street where you can stay or else I’m calling security.” Carol growled in anger and her eyes flashed yellow and the nurse made a fearful look as she stepped slowly back till Carol stopped and shook her head as she looked frustratingly at Crow and said, “You’re right.  After all our home needs to be fixed before he wakes up.” Carol stood, leaned over and kissed the top of Crow’s head and said, “I’ll be back David.  Just rest while I’ll fix our home for us.” She walked away as the nurse followed behind and turned the lights off before sitting at her desk. Crow sat by his left unconscious body’s side where his black suit as he watched Carol leave and he said, “Don’t worry honey, I’ll be waiting for you.” When she finally left and the nurse turned off the main lights (leaving only the lamps over the patients heads for light on) Crow sighed and said, “These next few hours are going to be SO boring.”


    The next morning the door to Crow’s room opened and Carol came in carrying a cassette player and headphones before sitting in the chair to Crow’s right and kissing his cheek.  Carol said, “Morning sleepy head.” Crow (in an out of body experience) watched from the left side of his bed as Carol put in one earbud to Crow’s left ear while she put the other to her right before putting in a cassette in the player and she said, “Maybe one of these songs will help you wake up.” Crow said grimly, “I wouldn’t doubt it.” The first song that played (as if it was being played through the intercom) was “Blackstar” By David Bowie.  Crow made a single laugh, smirked and said, “That’s one way to inspire me to wakeup.” He stood up and went around the bed and touched her shoulders from behind when suddenly he felt a massive headache and he stumbled, holding his head and cringed from the intense pain as he grunted and almost fell to his knees when right before his eyes flashed all the happy moments in his life from when he first met Carol to the present. Crow spoke through the pain, “If this, is what I, think it is, then....” He then saw a hallway with a glowing light and in his mind he fought to stay away but felt himself being forced forwards and he screamed, “FUCK, YOU!” He used all his might to push his body back as he screamed in both anger and pain when suddenly he heard an angry cry and he fell back and onto the tiled floor as the light and hallway disappeared and the angry cry stopped and Crow looked about to see he is back in the hospital with Carol holding his unconscious body’s hand as if nothing has happened.  Crow breathed heavily and made a disappointing sigh and said, “Damnit, not woken yet.” The song by David Bowie was suddenly cut off and the song “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper” By Blue Oyster Cult played through the intercom as Crow looked up with a sense of fear.

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