The baseball game


1. short story

It was a warm summer day at the beach in my neighborhood with my cousin Mya. We were walking to the beach and 3 boys passed us on their bikes coming from the beach. They were all brothers in my neighborhood and I was pretty good friends with them but not close. Mya saw me staring at one of them and dragged me to go see them. There was an old lady who told us what house they went to. So we went to their house. My mom was there with tickets to go see the red sox baseball game tonight. My cousin mya took two and gave them to me. She told me to go give one to Daniel the boy I was staring at on the road. I saw Daniel and he looked at my in the way that he likes me. So I went over took his wrist and took him to a place that was quiet. He was trying to ask me something but it did not come up.

S- hey Daniel, I know you like me. I like you too. Do you want to come with me to see the game on Thursday?

He said sure and had to go see what his dad wanted. His dad was my confirmation teacher and former baseball coach. When my mom came to see me I saw my other cousin Ali who I haven't seen in forever. I ran to hug her and she told me she saw everything. I was so happy to see her. Later after Ali and I caught up we went back to the basement where everyone was. When I got down there I saw Daniel. We started to talk, but when we were talking I knew that this was not Daniel, it was Christian Daniels younger brother. Daniel is one of three identical triplets and the only way I can tell them apart is the height and their voice a little. So I went with it. Daniel came over and thought I was flirting with him. So he came over to me and handed me back the ticket I gave him. I tried to explain but he did not listen. So I grabbed him by the arm and pulled him to a quiet place of the room.

D- I thought you liked me.

S- I do!

D- then why were you flirting with my younger brother?

S- well, at the beginning I thought it was you, but when we started talking I knew it wasn't you because he talked faster and he didn't do that thing I like with your shirt when you get nervous. It's exactly what girls do with there hair when they get nervous.

D- I ....don't get nervous. I am a baseball player. I only do that because........

S- I don't care. That is one of the many things I like about you. Can I forgive you about being jealous of your YOUNGER brother TALKING to me?

D- yes and can I still go with you to the baseball game.

S- I don't know. Are you asking me to go on a date?

D- one, you asked me and two if it means I can go with you, then yes. It is our first date.

S- yes our first date

So then Sarah and Daniel went to the baseball game together with their whole family. But sarah and Daniel ended up on the kiss cam. So.... My dad pulled me away and Daniel dad did the same. Well that and that the whole baseball league was there and Daniel and me were afraid we were going to get some teasing at the next couple of games. (we both did want to kiss though. I could see it in his eyes when we looked at each other) My dad had a talk with me about how I was to young to date. And Daniel's dad told Daniel to never kiss in front of thousands on a first date. After the whole league was laughing at us but we got over it. we were right though. At the next 5 games me or Daniel went to we were teased and mimicked. it got tiring. I felt mostly bad for Daniel because he was playing with them. the said stuff to him like ...

- hey Daniel your girlfriend is cheering you on from the bleachers.

- hey Daniel pretend your girlfriend just dumped you. Maybe then you will be Able to hit the ball.

And when I went to Daniels games or by brothers they said things like...

- hey Sarah your boyfriend is up to bat better give him a kiss good luck.

- hey Sarah where were you last game your boyfriend needed your good luck kiss to do good.

One game I just got back from a soccer game and went to go to see Daniel pitch. I showed up during the 5th inning and Daniels team was up to bat. And Daniel was up next. The kid who came home from third base saw me on the top bleacher And said to Daniel on his way to bat "hey Daniel why don't you get a kiss good luck from your girlfriend Sarah." So after he said that Daniel dropped his bat and helmet, went off the field, came up to me on the top bleacher and pulled me to stand up in his batting gloves.

D- hey Sarah can I have that good luck kiss now?

S- Yes you may.

Daniel pulled me close and kissed me. The game stopped and everyone was staring at us. My dad and Daniel's dad were over at the concession stand. the whole team was so shocked that he did that. The umpire came out and told Daniel that he was benched for the rest of the game for walking off the field. So me and Daniel went over to the soccer field and went for a long walk. We also got my soccer ball and played some soccer. Daniel was not that good. It was so fun because Every time I had the ball he grabbed me by the waist and pulled me closer to him. When he did that we both fell to the ground and stared at the sky.

S- look how beautiful the stars are.

D- I know. They sparkle like your blue eyes.

S- aaawww that's so sweet.

Daniel and I were lying on the ground staring at the sky until Daniel roles on his side to kiss me. It was wonderful. My cousin Mya yelled at me that we had to leave. Daniel healed me up and we went our separate ways. When I get home my dad told me I was grounded for 5 days and Daniel could not play baseball for a week just for 1 kiss at the baseball game.

S- guess who's grounded!!

D- same! How long?

S- 5 days.

D- 1 week:(

S- ouch:( what are you doing tonight?

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