The Truth Bites

Oliver messed up- big time. When he was 15- just a tiny little teenager- he went to a party. It started out innocent, sure- until he found the reVamp. A drug synthesized out of vampyre blood- giving the non-vampyre being who took it the most incredible of highs. There was only one rule when it came to taking reVamp: Don't die. If you die with vampyre blood in your system, you turn- and once you turn, there's no going back.
Oliver broke the rule.
Now 17, Oliver is struggling to keep his new identity as a vampyre a secret. He still goes to high school, waking up every morning to sneak a cup of blood before school to avoid turning into ash in the sunlight, doing homework, making friends. But when Oliver stumbles upon a dark secret, he accidentally finds himself caught in the middle of an age old war- the Vampyres verses the Hunters.


2. Extended Summary

Vampyres exist. Ever since they revealed themselves in the late 1930s, the world has been trying to adjust. There are many who accept the vampyres. Schools started offering special classes for vampyres. Middle/High schools started teaching Mythology as a required course. there were even humans who donated their blood to Pyre Cafes- cafes created specifically to sell blood to vampyres so they wouldn't have to feed on live humans.

But not everyone shared that same enthusiasm. There were some vampyres who remained rogue, refusing to accept their new lives among the humans- the Night Walkers. In order to combat this group of vampyres, the Council put together a group of skilled hunters known as Night Hunters to keep order, and police the vampyres who threatened humanity.

However, this was not their only goal.

The Hunters despised all vampyres, and wished to eliminate the vampyres- and all other mythical creatures discovered since the vampyres outed themselves- in order to create a world that was truly dominated by humans. The Night Hunters fight supernatural crime during the day, and at night, they fought for their goal. Under the careful watch- and manipulation- of their leader, the Hunters slowly began to believe all magical creatures- regardless of whether or not they broke the law- were bad. 

But there are not many who know this truth. The Vampyres and the Hunters have fought silently for decades, in order to protect the innocent lives that may be swept up in the war. But while they were distracted by their own war, they allowed a new and powerful drug to slip through the cracks and take the nation by storm.


Popular mainly among reckless teenagers, reVamp is essentially vampire blood mixed with other synthesized components to create a high unlike any other. It increases strength, speed, awareness, creativity... But there is a catch. Die with vampyre blood in your system, and you become a vampyre. So, when taking reVamp, there is only one rule.

Don't die.

Oliver Nelson is one of the unfortunate souls who broke the rule. After three long years of vamprism, Oliver is finally starting to get used to his new found immortality. He's learned how to work the system. One to two cups of human blood a day, and he is just strong enough to walk in the daylight- go to school, do whatever he wants. As long as he continued waking up at sunrise and walking an extra 20 blocks to go to a Pyre Cafe out of the way enough that he wouldn't run into anyone he knew, had his blood, and scurried to school no one would notice.

But Oliver isn't quite that lucky. 

A/N: So I mainly wanted to include this so that you guys would have a clearer view of some of the world building. This will all be explained more in depth in the novel itself. Hope you guys like! :3

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