Nouvelle movella


1. heartless

Harry : i can t take this anymore . Lou we have to do somthing

I know that he know something he shouldn t know . He discovered my feeling even without my permission . He didn t understand the different between the thing that i have and the lies that i tell . He does know me but doesn t know who am . Stupid and heartless and so selfish . I love who you are hi said . Without even thinking twice . He asked me to date him . Who do you think you are ?

That what i wanted to say . But it s just cause i wanted to play hard to get . I was so lost and in hate . I mean why did he choose me . So different and so unreasonable . It s just that he is so good to me. ..... Sorry if your love was real .... An d i will say a simple ' Fuck you ' if you are just a basted with a free time . I just don t want to raise my hope . So i decide to said the thing 2

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