Years into the future, a deadly virus has swept across Earth - Only a small percentage of the population now lives. The toxic gases from the outbreak are still present, lingering, and those who vowed to live and find their fellow survivors, become the military of this new world. But something happened to the dead...the loved ones are coming back after all.


1. Prologue

There is a canopy of dark and enclosing trees that filter out the light so that only thin strips of light can shine through the dense foliage. The birds chirp quietly and strangely, their songs seem oddly distant...as if being heard through a shallow pool of water.


There is a strange silence.




A cloaked figure darts past, disturbing the eerie silence that had settled moments earlier. An aura of panic and worry stuck with the mysterious figure as it darted through gaps in trees and leapt over fallen trunks.


The hood falls slightly.


It is a girl. 15 at most. And a look of determination on her face. She looks battle worn. Like she has seen things that  no 15 year old should ever have to see.


She trips.


Behind her a high pitched screeching starts and plants begin growing grey. her body tenses and she sprints. She is more reckless now, stumbling after some of her methods of getting around obstacles and still the screeches get louder. As if this was a TV show and someone decided to raise the volume.


The tunnel of trees starts getting brighter.




And still the girl's panicked expression had not left her face. In front of her was a steep hill that she quickly hurtled down. At the bottom was a cottage with the door ajar. "Nana!" She yelled, "Lock the door!" And elderly woman appeared just as the girl reached the bottom of the hill, grabbed her arm and quickly bolted the door once they were inside. They both heaved a sigh of relief when the girl said a single sentence.


"It's Begun..."

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