The Wallflower

There are some people who never get picked to be on the team. People who just fade into the background with no friends. There are people who never get asked to join clubs, sport teams, never get asked to prom, who no one pays any mind to. What happens to me? I'm a wallflower and the beta's youngest daughter.


1. Introduction

   My life has spun an 180. I went from a smallish school in a small town in New York State to a huge city school in Tennessee. I went from living with my mom, her friend, her two kids, my grandma, my sister and her boyfriend; all stuffed in a three bedroom one bathroom house. I went from a school where I knew all the teachers, all the seniors, and everyone in my class. I now go to a school where the first floor is 14 acres.

        I know no one here besides my stepbrother.I now live with my dad with his wife and her two kids. My Stepbrother, Bryan, and I get along like any brother and sister; we're the same age give or take five months. Been friends since first grade, before we were family, before my parents got divorced. It was a shock the first time my dad brought my sister and I down for a week during summer break. I saw Bryan and he saw me and we rekindled our friendship.

   I should probably explain who i am. My name is Hayden Smith, I'm 16 years old and I'm the beta's youngest daughter. I'm a New Yorker by blood. I don't do big cities, I'm a country girl. This is my story.




This is my new story and I hope you guys like it.

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