Z Outbreak


2. Prologue

"Go go go!" Cried out a man, shoving the people who were in front of him to move faster. He carried a backpack full of armor, in one hand he carried a rifle. 

They ran through a hallway of the building they were currently trapped in. As they turned a corner there was a cell door, the man shut the door behind him just in time for a group of crazed flesh eating zombies caught up to them. 

They stuck there arms and heads through the bars, groaning and gurgling, trying to take a bite out of their flesh. Two men turned around and shot at the zombies as the rest of the group hurried to find somewhere safe to get to while the men held the Z's back. 

The man ran the halls looking for the room he was suppose to get too, a lab to be specific. There were a few zombies roaming the halls, he held his rifle prepared for anything. 

Once he found the door he knocked on it and the door was opened and he stepped in quickly shutting the door behind him. 

He turned around and found a doctor, and an assistant. He looked to his right and there were beds, all occupied, Two men and a woman and the rest were covered with a white stained sheet.

"Did you do it yet?" The man asked the doctor, slinging the rifle over his shoulder. 

"You made it just in time." The doctor replied then grabbed a bag from the counter taking out three different syringes and walked over to where the men and women were strapped down getting ready to inject them. 

This wasn't just an ordinary lab or doctor, this was a old abandoned psych-ward, where they would do all kinds of experiments. 

"This is a new batch of the experimental drug, hopefully it works this time." The doctor spoke as he looked at the beds with the white stained sheets, they were the experimented that have gone bad. 

This is where the first zombie was created and now they were trying to find a cure. 

The doctor went up to the patients and gave them light slaps on the cheek to wake them up. "Wakey wakey....." The doctor said grabbing the first syringe and walking over to the first patient. 

As the patients started to come too, they began to panic and started shaking in the bed trying to somehow get free. 

"What are you doing to us?" One of the men shouted trying to get his hands free. 

"Why are you doing this to us?" The other man asked struggling in his bed. 

The woman blinked, trying to adjust to the light and licked her dry lips. Once she realized where she was she started to shake her hands and feet, trying to escape. "Haven't you had enough!" She yelled "you've experimented on us many times, you've injected us with who knows what..... None of your experiments will work! If you haven't noticed they are all dead! And if you haven't noticed, were in the middle of a BLOODY APOCALYPSE!" 

She was tired of always being tied down and injected, there were days where she would be brutally sick and other days where she could barely move, she's been experimented on so many times, she couldn't stand it anymore. 

"This will be your lucky day then," the doctor trailed off "It will be your last day to be experimented on. Why you may ask? Well, because this is an experimental vaccine Ive been working on, and it will either cure you or kill you." He said then tilted his head to the side and brought the syringe to his face tapping on it and squirting some of the air out of the needle. 

"Now Tom," the doctor turned to the man with the gun "be prepared for anything." Once he said that, Tom grabbed a pistol from his holster and loaded it, just In case. 

The doctor turned towards his assistant and told him to hold the first patients down while he injected the patient in the neck. The doctor grabbed his clipboard and they stood back to watch. 

The patient began shaking and screaming then he was quiet and what looked like he passed out, but not before waking up seconds later spitting out blood and became a zombie. 

Tom didn't even hesitate and shot him in the head. The doctor tsked "hmm..... Okay" then grabbed the other syringe and walked over to patient two "take two" he mumbled 

The patient struggled to get loose, crying and screaming. "Please please! No!!" Just then the doctor injected him in the neck as well. 

Patient two began to shake, almost as if he were going into a seizure, he shook his head until his neck snapped. Seconds later, he shot up from the bed and Tom shot him in the head. 

As all this was happening the two men who stayed back to hold off the zombies were running low on ammo and the door was slowly breaking, soon the zombies were passed the door and they started attacking the men, biting into their skin and ripping them to shreds. 

The woman was in tears as she watched all this happen, she was terrified. She didn't want to become one of those monsters. 

"NO NO NO!! Please!" She cried "please untie me!" 

The doctor walked up to the woman, patient three. She kept begging him to stop and untie her so they could leave before the zombies came and found them but he wouldn't listen and injected her in the neck.  

Tom heard the door and looked through the glass "it's John" he said then opened it to let him in, but it wasn't John, it was a Zombie. 

Once the zombie saw fresh meat he went after tom but tom moved quickly and the zombies went after the assistant. Tom grabbed his pistol and shot the zombie in the head, just then more zombies flooded the room once they heard the gunshot. 

The woman laid there shaking and felt like she was going to pass out any second. As tom shot the zombies the doctor backed up and started running for the door in the back to escape. Tom soon followed after. 

"Wait, Please! Don't leave me!" She yelled "untie me, please!!" Her eyes began to get blurry and she yelled for them to come back for her but her words began to slur, her eyes began to shut. The last thing she saw were the zombies coming in the room, ripping the assistant to shreds. 

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