Fidelis ad Mortem

Everyone has its own Guardian Angel, but there is one thing that's making me special. His wings are black.

➰Fidelis ad Mortem➰
(Page 411 Last Paragraph Book 1)


1. Prologue

Pa, why don't you just sell that bag of yours and buy a new, And better one?

He looks at me and a smile came to his face

Why would you want a new and better if you already have the best?

But Pa! How could you know that It is the best?

Because I know that I'm contented with this. Creatures just need to know how to be contented, Honey.

Does it have a gold?

I ask him sarcastically, yet he took it very serious. His smile faded and his face became flat and void of any emotions.

This cost more than gold, Honey. And someday, I want you to take care of this. Lose your money, lose your treasure. But don't ever lose this bag.

My stare had been cut off as he turn his back and start to walk taking the bag with him and he place it inside our safe.

One day, no that far yet in the future, you'll be nonetheless the best. And I'm just only going to ask you two thing before then. Always, always make your existence the best, and Make your presence the sacred.

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