Something I had written a long time ago, that I only decided to publish now.


1. Introduction

I N T R O D U  T I O N


I wrote this a while ago for the Spoken Word competition (recap for those who need it: that competition was released July 6th 2015), but I never really thought it was good. I still don't, but I thought I should at least publish it as a poem. Comments appreciated, feedback not really necessary since I doubt I'll ever be doing something like this again, but it's still pretty nice.

I had to dig this up from the ashes of my other laptop. I'd completely forgotten that I hadn't used Word for this, so it took longer than normal. I used Notepad. I don't even know why; you can't center text or anything like that with it.

Anywho, please try to enjoy this, and maybe no flames in the comments. That would be an awful way to die XD

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