Something I had written a long time ago, that I only decided to publish now.


2. Fight



Shouting, screaming, laughter -
Everything that should not be here.
Because when you are knocked to the ground,
The last thing you'll think is that this is a joke.
That this is a game, or a laugh.
You might not be thinking at all,
And every sound just echoes through your body,
While every thought takes a moment to escape the prison of your mind,
And deserts you in your time of need.
How can you stand up for yourself when you can't even raise your head?
And if you try, you know that they'll just kick it in.
Soon the harsh feel of the concrete becomes welcome,
And the scene fades to black as your eyes close with the bliss of nothingness.
But nobody seems to care except for you.
When you see everyone, all you can think of is the nearest exit.
You'll run for anywhere so fast it's no wonder that doors open for everyone.
Especially when you're the one blasting through them.
They think it's an opportunity, but in reality you go so fast they never even see you.
Those windows closing aren't missed chances for them, but only the world trying to shut you in.
Locking the doors just isn't enough anymore.
Closets, lockers and garbage bins aren't enough to contain you anymore.
Because even though you can't get to your feet, you can still rule your world.
And even though everyone will tell you, "No", you can still scream, "Yes!"
Those people will constantly push you to the ground, they will never give up;
Your reactions fuel them.
Maybe you aren't stronger than them. Maybe you prefer reading to running, or the piano over a ball,
But don't think about the differences, focus on the reality. 
Because you are no different to that nerd, or that jock,
So when you think that they are doing this because they hate you, just remember:
They hate themselves.
Even if they don't know it. Even if they believe it's for an entirely different reason.
Maybe they were picked on too. Maybe they were taught that they were useless, pathetic and alone.
And they kick and punch and do whatever they can to make you feel the same.
Don't give up.
Don't let them win.



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