This Neverending Road To Cavalry

Forced out of his home because of the bite on his arm, Richard Diggins heads off in search of information regarding a possible cure for the zombies that plagued his world and perhaps how they came to be. Along the way, he meets up with allies who also have their own desires to end the war with the zombies.


2. The Encounter

As I approached the raider camp, I heard some papers scattering about onto the floor. Guess I'm not the only one who decided to go spelunking. I decided to hide away and see if this person was friend or foe and pray that it was the former. The brick wall I hid behind was old and seemed ready to crumble at a moment's notice.

As soon as my hand reached the wall, one of the bricks loosened itself and grind against the other bricks.

"Huh? Who's that?" I heard a male voice said. I took out my gun and pulled out from the wall, pointing right at him. The man I saw was a blonde with a bit of a stubble and blue eyes. He wore a tattered blue shirt and gray cargo pants. The leather army boots he had seemed to be pretty well maintained.

"I'm not afraid to shoot! If you let me pass and get some stuff here, I swear I will not harm you!" I shouted to him.

"Look, I'm not here for any trouble." He backed away into a crate. As I stepped forward, I saw his arms fling backwards to grab an AK-47 and aimed it at me. However, as he aimed it, the magazine for it fell off, followed shortly by the barrel. "Damn it!" He knelt to the ground and struggled to get the gun back together. I took this time to rush forward and explored the area. I kept checking back to the man, gauging just which time I need to jet. 

However, I didn't find any good revolver bullets. Or anything good for that matter. All the weapons were either rusted to the point of being unusable or were broken apart like the AK-47. Just my luck. I turned back just as I heard the click. The man pointed the machine gun at me.

"Get... out." He growled. I immediately dropped my revolver.

"O-okay! Hear me out! I was just looking for some weapons, okay? This revolver is out of bullets!" I kicked the revolver over to the man's feet. He picked it up and opened the chamber. After a few seconds, he opened one of his pockets.

"So it is." He calmly said. He pulled out a fistful of bullets. He took some time to put each one into a section before he popped it in and cocked it. "There, that ought to work." He tossed the revolver at me. I caught it with no problem. "If you wanted some ammo, you could have just asked." He said.

"Well, to be fair, not a lot of people are friendly out here." I said.

"... You have a point. But believe me, I'm an exception. The name's Lee." He came over and gave me his hand.

"Richard." I shook his hand.

"Guess you must be new to the whole living on your own business." Lee said.

"How do you know?" I asked.

"I can see it in the way you move. Desperation. I see it in people when they have no other means to survive. I can help you out. I know a place where we can rest for the night. I'll let you come with me for a bit." Lee said.

"... Why should I trust you?" I asked.

"Like I said, I'm an exception. Chivalry is the one thing humanity can't afford to lose. If you don't want my help, then I'll be okay with it." He said. He slung the AK-47 over his shoulder. As he walked away, I noticed the rifle looked as good as new. "If you like, those other guns can be useful. They just need a bit of elbow grease. Take as many as you want." He said. It took me a few moments to put two and two together, but when I did, I grabbed as many as I could. Before I knew it, I was carrying a huge stockpile of guns, to the point where I could barely see what was in front of me.

"H-hey, easy there." Lee turned to me and grabbed some of the weapons off of me. "You may need to drop some when zombies come running for ya." He said.

"R-right..." I said. I dropped the weapons and took only a rusted knife. With that, Lee and I took off.

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