This Neverending Road To Cavalry

Forced out of his home because of the bite on his arm, Richard Diggins heads off in search of information regarding a possible cure for the zombies that plagued his world and perhaps how they came to be. Along the way, he meets up with allies who also have their own desires to end the war with the zombies.


4. The Colonel

When I woke up, I found myself lying in a heap of duffle bags. I looked around and saw I was in some sort of metal hull... A bunker of sorts. Most of the walls had rusted metal. As I awoke, I could hear someone yelling.

"Tineman! How many times do I have to tell you? Don't bring in any strangers here!" I heard him say.

"Apologies, Colonel. I found him straggling around one of the raiding camps and I figured to bring him here for the night." I heard Lee's voice and I got up. I found myself without my shirt and instead had a large amount of gauze wrapped around my chest.

"This is supposed to be a secret base, Tineman." The Colonel glared at Tineman.

"So what? I'm supposed to leave him to die?" Lee shouted back. The Colonel simply kept his glance. Immediately, I got up.

"Lee, you don't have to do this..." I said. I then sighed. "I'll leave sir... I'm already infected, so the sooner I get out, the better." The Colonel just looked towards me.

"What?" He simply said. Lee looked at me too.

"... Are you saying you got bit?" Lee asked me. I nodded. The two took a moment of silence before the Colonel told me, not in a stern tone, but rather a more relaxed tone with a sigh.

"You do realize being bit doesn't actually make you infected, right? Lee, did you pick this kid up from those crazies down at that vault?" The Colonel said.

"Well, I found him over there..." Lee said.

"Welp, that figures. Kid's too dumb to survive on his own, let alone realize that you don't turn just by being bit." The Colonel then walked over to the door and opened it. "Alright kid, you're outta here." He said. I tried to walk, but I fell over. Lee rushed to me and helped me up.

"Colonel, this boy's too hurt to walk on his own. Please, you must let him stay for at least tonight!" Lee said.

"Or, I have a better idea." The Colonel then snapped his fingers as two armed men came to us, grabbed us by the arm, and tossed us out. I fell on my wound and I screamed loudly. "You take it outside! Punks..." With that, he slammed the door, creating a loud metal ring that deafened me. Lee shouted something that I, due to my deafness, was unable to decipher... Perhaps he was shouting an obscenity. Lee went down and picked me up. I laid down on his hard yet warm back as he piggybacked me.

"Alright, come, we'll find somewhere else to rest for the night." He said to me. I clung onto him as I rested on his shoulders. I wiped out in five minutes.

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