Fowl Play at H.I.V.E.

Artemis turns up at H.I.V.E., and with him he brings the butlers and the LEP. When Overlord, joined by Opal Koboi, attacks, humans and fairies alike must join to destroy this new threat. This story happens between The Overlord Protocol and Escape Velocity and The Opal Deception and The Lost Colony.


11. Invasion - 2 - Can(n)ons and Ships

Fowl Play at H.I.V.E.



Chapter Eleven - Can(n)ons and Ships


“They have a cannon.” announced Foaly, a tad unnecessarily.


“I can see that. The blown-up door helps.”


“That’s a nice way to talk to your superior, Holly.”


“Superior? Really? I do all the above-ground work, while you cower behind a desk all day.”


Foaly sighed. “ Y’know, normally I have this argument is with Mulch. How about you try and fix this mess before it gets too far, then we can argue all we want.”




A distant boom shook the floor, jolting Artemis from his meditative state. Raven already her katanas out. Nero,  the Countessa and Colonel Francisco burst into the room.


“Fowl. What did you do?”


“Nothing, sir. As Raven has so kindly, taken away my microphone, I have no way of communication with my comrades. However, I think that they backed off. Quite the opposite, I can imagine.


Nero’s blackbox rang before he could reply.



It was one of the security officers. “Sir, we’ve up hostiles all over the hangar bay. They’re trying to blow open the blast doors.”


“How did they get in?”


“We have no idea, they seemed to just appear, but we couldn’t sense any of the normal electromagnetic fields accompanied with thermoptic camouflage.”


Nero quickly took hold of the situation, ordering an immediate lockdown. Taking Raven aside, he said,


“Natalya, I’d like you to ‘persuade’ Mr Fowl to give us as much information as possible.”

Raven pulled out a glowing purple blade. “It’ll be my pleasure.”




Opal lounged on her hoverchair ™ , reading another article by the ridiculous centaur, Foaly. It aggravated her how much the general public loved him, probably because he made good products, but wasn’t a psychopath. Her only worthy opponent had beaten her twice now, but, by providing the disciples with revolutionary fairy technology, she would destroy Foaly, with an added bonus of gaining dictatorship over the mud people. Then, when she was released from prison, she would enslave the Lower Elements and return to her rightful place as queen of the universe.


Her screen lit up with the notification of an incoming call. She blinked to answer it. One perk of being a paranoid, psychotic mastermind was that she had loyal (Loyal being a relative term - more like terrified) minions everywhere, including security guards in maximum - security prisons that provided her with luxury items, like the screen she was using. The screen showed the familiar, but chilling, vague silhouette of one of the disciples.


“Hello, Opal. You can call me Minerva. You should be glad to hear that your technology properly. We have infiltrated H.I.V.E., so we can now begin phase two of the operations.”

Opal cackled delightfully. “Brilliant!” She gazed dreamily at through the plasma wall surrounding her, at the dark, but clear water.


Another one of Foaly’s genius inventions, her cell was in a floating plasma bubble, with sparks of electricity streaming through it, lethal to any prisoner who tried to escape. They would be instantly fried, like Briar Cudgeon, the treacherous snake who betrayed her, on the cost of his life.


The plasma prisons were suspended in an insulative gel, and her one was the most isolated, sticking out over the the treacherous depths of the atlantic trench, with a pressurised tunnel leading back to the main prison. Foaly, ever the paranoid centaur, had included top-of-the-range security , and every staff member was treated to random dna checks and background checks.


“Opal!” Yelled Minerva, snapping her out of her reverie.


Opal smiled sluggishly.  The machine reading her vitals had noticed her increased heart rate and released some sedative gas into the recycled air, making her calmer, but also sluggish.


“Tell me,” she sighed. “Tell me about the future. Our future.”


Minerva tensed for a second, then relaxed.


“Fine. First, we will capture H.I.V.E. using your revolutionary technology.”


“And then?” Purred Opal.


“Then, we will use H.I.V.E. Mind to capture clove leaders, and annihilate them all!


“And what about that troublesome assassin, what’s her name? Robin - sparrow?”


“Raven”, snapped Minerva, her eyes sparkling maliciously. “She will die in her own way.”

Opal curled, catlike, on the hoverchair, and laughed. Closing her eyes, she ordered Minerva to “Carry on.”


In  the shadows, Minerva scowled, but obliged.


“After G.L.O.V.E. falls, we can take over the humans.”


And I will return to my rightful place as queen of the universe and crush whoever stands in my way!” yelled Opal, exhilarated.


Minerva’s scowl became more pronounced, and unbeknownst to Opal, and, unbeknownst to Opal, thumbed the control that sent a stream of sedative gas into Opal’s cell.


Opal lost consciousness immediately.




Mulch perched on the ledge, nonchalantly observing the chaos below him. Teams of black-clad soldiers swarmed to and from helicopters. They seemed to be building a cannon. Holly swooped down at him, yelling, “Mulch! What in Frond’s name are you doing?!”


“Erm… excuse me, elf. My job here is done. “

“But we haven’t got Artemis!”


Mulch shrugged. “Not my problem. My job was to get you. Done that. I could tunnel away right now.”


“And then be knocked unconscious with the sleeper seeker. Remember that? Then you'll wake up and meet my friend, Mr Fist.”


Mulch laughed. “Hey, there, feisty.”


“Don’t….call….me….feisty!” growled Holly.


“Here’s the deal though…  doubt with all this chaos, radio signals flying everywhere, your devices will actually be able to find me.”


“I will hunt you down.”


Mulch laughed hesitantly.


Holly glared, then composed herself and settled beside him.


“Playing ‘Good Cop’ now?”


Holly sighed. “What’s wrong?”


Mulch ignored her, gazing down at the pandemonium. “Cannons huh? Didn’t know how far Mudmen had advanced. Seems like only minutes ago I was a dashing young dwarf; still am….” He winked suggestively.


Holly ignored his pathetic attempt at innuendo and continued to his rambling, waiting for him to open up.


Foaly chimed in, catching on to Holly’s devious plan. “Y’know, humans have really weird slang words for things. Take cannon, for example. Normally, it means a large, heavy piece of artillery, typically mounted on wheels, formerly used in Mudman warfare.”


Mulch sighed. “Simple gnommish, please.”


Foaly projected a small video screen from Holly’s helmet.


“Ok, realllll simple…. Tube makes boom on wheels.” he said, gesturing wildly as Computer Generated Flames flew around him.


Holly chuckled. “Still a bit too complicated for Mulch.”


“Anyway, the mudmen use it now to mean ‘official’, in stories and such.”


“Hmph.” Mulch snorted. “Humans are weird.”


“Then there’s ships. Big floating things, ya know? But then mudmen change it to some weird slang meaning a relationship. Honestly, it’s so stupid. But also…” he winked smarmily “... there’s some juicy gossip. Whatever you do, don’t search Hartemis.”




Minerva snickered as Opal collapsed into her chair.


“And then, my dear Opal, you will suffer a tragic accident. Maybe several tragic accidents.” she breathed. “Do you really think I would go all to all this trouble to share power?”


She chuckled, and signed off, unaware of the blip on the corner of the screen flashing ‘Recording’.

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