Fowl Play at H.I.V.E.

Artemis turns up at H.I.V.E., and with him he brings the butlers and the LEP. When Overlord, joined by Opal Koboi, attacks, humans and fairies alike must join to destroy this new threat. This story happens between The Overlord Protocol and Escape Velocity and The Opal Deception and The Lost Colony.


8. Fowl on the loose! - 4 - Ruffian-looking

Mulch crept behind the nearest plant tank.


“Foaly, this place is covered by security cameras. I don’t think even I can get past.” He hissed.


“Use the device I’ve provided to broadcast a loop that makes you invisible, so long as you stay still.”


“Oh, I remember this. From when we were getting Artemis’ super-computer back from the maniac, Spiro. I was a main part of that plan, wasn’t I?”




“Hmmm… come to think of it, I’ve saved your butts very often. I should get payed shouldn’t I?”




“Mulch Diggums, LEP officer saver. Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?”


“MULCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Yelled Holly, channelling her inner Commander Root. “You’ve got 5 seconds to get out of there. A squad of guards is coming rights your way.”





Artemis dived into the small pool, congratulating himself as he slid under without a splash, only a small ripple. If only Butler could see him now. Quickly, he swam towards the waterfall. He calculated that he would need air in about 40 seconds, but he only wanted to resurface in the seclusion of the little ledge he had discovered behind the waterfall. He chuckled to himself. A secret place behind a waterfall. How cliche.


He dragged himself from the water. His jumpsuit didn’t drag him down much, but it wasn’t exactly swimming suitable. Activating the small microphone next to his throat, he whispered to his colleagues:


“Good evening, comrades. I hope that Mulch has been dispatched and that everything has gone to plan. I am in position, and no alarms have been activated. I await my retrieval.”


Retrieving his small comb, he went to work fixing his sodden, tangled hair. He could not escape H.I.V.E. looking like a ruffian.




The guards rounded the corner, surreptitiously flicking off the safeties of their sleepers. After the disaster with Violet, the giant carnivorous plant, they weren’t taking any more risks. The leader’s blackbox lit up with H.I.V.E. Mind’s calm face.


“Message from Chief. We have to be extra careful, somebody’s going to try and break in, according to Nero.” he shouted, relaying the order.


Suddenly, their view was blotted out as a dark silhouette fell on top of them, it’s scything jaws and strong fists quickly knocking them unconscious.


Mulch drank a bottle of water thirstily. Dwarf pores are manufactured to, when there is a lack of water in the system, stick to any surface, so he had easily climbed onto the ceiling and taken the guards out.


He scampered off, activating the loop on the cameras, leaving the guards in a pile on the floor.





Artemis heard light, almost silent footsteps behind him.


“Mulch, my old friend. Or is it Holly, or Butler, or a member from retrieval? In any case, I’m glad to see you.” He said without turning around.


“You really need to stop mistaking me for somebody else.” Replied the person in a soft voice with a light russian accent, placing one of her katanas lightly on his neck. “If you know what’s good for you, you’ll come with me.”


He gulped.

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