Fowl Play at H.I.V.E.

Artemis turns up at H.I.V.E., and with him he brings the butlers and the LEP. When Overlord, joined by Opal Koboi, attacks, humans and fairies alike must join to destroy this new threat. This story happens between The Overlord Protocol and Escape Velocity and The Opal Deception and The Lost Colony.


1. A Fowl at HIVE - 1 - Kidnapped!

“The fastest way to enter would be through here…” said Artemis, gesturing to the detailed holographic schematics in front of him. “Then it would be easy to disable the motion sensor, while Holly and Butler take out the guards here, here and here.”


“Agreed.” replied Holly. “Has Butler already been briefed?”


“Yes, he’s preparing for our ‘guest’ as we speak.” Checking the security footage, he frowned. “Butler, aren’t you supposed to be on duty?”


There was no reply.


“I’m afraid that security has been compromised. Quickly, get back to Haven.”


Holly quickly got up to leave, then turned back. “Here, take this throat mic. Who knows, you might need it.” She shouldered her wings, shimmered out of view and flew out into the night.




Artemis strode to his office to find that one of the motion sensors on the east wing of the house had gone off. Speaking quickly and quietly into his walkie-talkie, he ordered Juliet to make her way to him from the gym.


“On my way.” she replied.


“Come quickly.”


He heard footsteps on the landing, and opened the door.


“That was exemplary, Juli…” He trailed off as he saw a beautiful woman with a scar running down one side of her face in a black jumpsuit, two wicked-looking blades crossed across her back,  holding a massive gun at him.


“You are not Juliet.” he stated.


“How observant of you to notice.” the woman replied in a soft voice with a russian accent, squeezing the trigger.






Juliet and Butler ran up the stairs to see a woman flicker out of view carrying an unconscious Artemis.

Butler growled, “Whoever just kidnapped my principal will pay!”

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