little buttercup ❀ Joshler

Tyler is a sweet nerd who loves nature and girly things , while Josh loves drums , black , and is his art Teacher

©trashydun 2016


2. Two ❀

Under such circumstance, I curiously wondered why the boy dressed in all black had cotton candy hair. He looked like the type that was punk rock, possibly disliking everyone who talked to him. He Fooled him twice though. His voice has this soft hint to it when he speaks to you, complementing his hair and his way of being ..

" does your nose still hurt ? "

I  nodded and glanced up at him, flashing a reassuring smile to ease the worried looks he threw my way every so often.

The cotton candy haired boy spoke up, briefly turning to look at his friend.

" okay.. Pete you can go if you want. I'll stay with Tyler until he gets called back."

Pete did not hesitate to mumble  something by the lines of , " hope you become more than buddies after this. I want to see the digits afterward."

I softly smiled against Josh's shirt and watched as Josh threw joking glares in Pete's  direction, cheeks instantly  rosier than before. I stared at him for a little longer before blurting out the word that I was dying to ask.

" If you don't mind me asking, Why the pink hair?It-it fits you good.. But everything else you have on is black.."

He glanced at me,and sheepishly said that he had no idea.

" I guess you can say that I like it.. It's soft, enjoyable like your backpack. I like that color because it is not too bright, nor dark. It is a nice shade."

A  nurse kindly interrupted our conversation and motioned for us to follow her back to a room, where she inspected my nose thoroughly.

"you seem to have broken your nose sweetheart .. Any idea how you broke it ? "

Now it was my turn to blush hard.

"U-um I got hit with a ball.. At a park .. I didn't see it coming .. "

I shrunk with embarrassment as the nurse burst into fits of giggles, while she placed her hands on my nose.

"oh sweetheart, it happens ! I was young once too, I was careless ! Place this under your nose for five minutes. Bleeding will stop then."

I nodded still slightly confused by her way she changed moods suddenly.

"it is not an emergency to see Dr.Coltz . I'll just fix you right up . "

She quickly fixed up my nose and sent me home with some painkillers.

" thanks for dropping me off here, Josh."

" It was the least I could do. My friend was the one who broke your nose after all .. "

Silence grew between us.

" hey Josh.. I want you to know that I'm not mad at you or anything. I forgive you for what happened at the park.-"

I giggled and took out a piece of blank paper and messily scribbled down my number.

"-I hope we can get to see each other sometime? Maybe on Friday night ? "

Josh's beautiful brown eyes sparkled with happiness, his down expression replaced with a silly grin.

" yeah ! Yeah.. I would love that .. 7 pm maybe watch a movie and eat some take out ? That's if you want .. "

" That sounds fantastic. I love takeout. "

He waved and stuffed my number inside his skinny jean pocket before turning around and making his way to the two story parking lot.

If I showed up home with a boy, mom would want to interrogate me forever !

I glanced in his direction once more, and went on my way to the nearest bus stop.

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