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Tyler is a sweet nerd who loves nature and girly things , while Josh loves drums , black , and is his art Teacher

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4. Four ❀

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T y l e r •

I sat quietly against the only tree in this park I was at, my full attention on the Stress Relief coloring book I bought last week. Josh was actually really nice and accepting of me being one of his students, making me feel happy even when he threw a silly grin in my direction.

I picked up the water color colored pencils and stuffed them inside the pouch they came in. I pulled my phone out as it dinged.

Jishwa - hey BabyboyWant to get something to eatI hope you don't mind Taco Bell.

I giggled reading over the text a couple of times before I quickly replied.

Babyboy- I would love to ! I'm actually at the park in Lincoln street .. We could meet at Taco Bell if you want ?

I hit send and waited impatiently, biting my lip nervously. I placed my book and coloring pencils inside my backpack, almost dropping the things as my phone dinged again.

Jishwa- Hell yeah ! I'll see you in thirty minutesmy BabyboyCan't wait to see your beautiful face babyI'll be seeing you tonight as well ;)

I squeaked loudly and grinned at my screen, texting him back. I apologized as my an older couple glanced at me curiously, then turned to each other and intertwined their hands.

You knowI actually hope that Josh and I get that far soonA little cuddling too would be nice..

Thankfully, Taco Bell was empty and Josh was the only person sitting alone. He had his hand under his chin giving him an innocent illusion. I knew he was not as innocent as he looked.

He turned his attention to the door as it dinged, his whole face brightened with happiness and some other expression I could not figure out.

" glad you could make it ! Hope you don't mind eating here.. "

He pulled me to a comforting hug, giggling softly as I let out a "humph" sound due to being pulled into the hug unexpectedly.

" you don't have to apologize, Josh. Taco Bell is actually my favorite fast food place. You okay with eating here ?  "

Again his expression was unknown, yet happy to the eye.

" we could be Taco Bell pals ! Or more ! Let's go get some food to eat, shall we ? "

I nodded, accepting his arm and looping it around me to view the menu.

" I want to thank you for first of all, dropping me off at my home and for taking me out to eat .. Tomorrow is Friday .. Are we still going to do anything tomorrow night? Take out really sounds nice."

He laughed and nodded while placing a soft peck on my forehead.

" I'll be seeing you tomorrow, Mr.Joseph.. Hope we can get to do whatever we want to do tomorrow night .. Also I'll see you tomorrow morning. Don't forget the paints you said you would bring in."

" I won't forget the paints. I also hope we can get to do something tomorrow night as well. Be careful driving home, okay ? "

He nodded and smiled at me once more before unlocking his car and driving off.

Gosh darn it ! I think I may be falling for him already ! 


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