I've lived my whole life holed up in this small place they call my "Room". I call it my universe. I've encountered many Boss Battles and saved my men from death countless times. through our journey of what they call "Life" I have found hidden treasures that people who made this game hid throughout the world.

Yaoi Ships.

that's all I need to say. So, would you like to hear some of mine? and the reason as to why I ship it so hard? There may be things in here you probably are going to cringe at. and I won't blame you, I'm sure if I was a normal working "Machine" in this society I probably would too.
WARNING: Yaoi [Boy x Boy]


3. Confession 2: Yukio And Rin [Blue Exorcist]



( ' ▽ ' ) All Righty, this manga is a famous one, if you even know what "Waifu" means [and FYI, my waifu is better than yours.] then you HAVE to know this book, if not, well, then, I say you're missing on a hell lot of implied yaoi. BECAUSE I FLIPPIN' SWEAR IT'S EVERYWHERE (';ω;')

Ahem, well this ship doesn't need much explanation, but, again if you haven't read a single letter that this amazing piece of work has, do not fret! Yaoi Trash-kun will guide you through this.

Now, ladies, and those gents that are as weird as me to ship men, please, hold on to your pantsu because, damn. This will be one hell of a ride.

Alright, let's begin with one of the two,

And who?

Well, right now the less complicated one. ANNNNNNDDDD! IT IS YOU! Rin-chan (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧ [Satan, why do I feel as if I have just degraded him? I didn't mean for it to come out that way, but, I guess it kind of did]

                                                                 Stealing younger brother's glasses... I see


Rin here is the oldest....wait for it.....wait........a little more... of this pair of twins [OH FLIPPIN' SATAN, what is me and brothers?! I have to ship them don't I? I JUST HAVE TO, FOR ME TO LIVE HAPPILY! 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。] Rin has the personality of a COMPETE UKE [Bottom]


He's always so nice and he's usually preoccupied with his younger brother who never takes care of his own health. And that's one of the reasons why I ship them so hard. [They're not my OTP, I don't know if I'll live long enough to put it up....]

Okay, I will repeat myself again. Rin-tan, here, is the OLDEST.Now, I'll just let that sink in. Rin-tan here is just your usual every day, normal high school boy. And well, that's what most people think [until further in the book.] but the thing is, Rin here isn't normal. Or should I say....Human. This boy here, this lovely piece of total uke is the child of Satan [My friend], now, if you think that is so bad, let me recap. Rin is the OLDEST of this pair of twins. WHICH, says a lot.

Now, if you're staring at the screen confused and all like: "But, Yaoi Trash-sama, I don't know what you're talking about. What do you mean this says a lot? All it makes up is a very small and poor excuse for a paragraph."

Well, then good sir who likes to degrade my already degraded writing. Please listen as we move onto the next character. Because, this one, this one is much much more complicated. [Or maybe I just make him out to be, probably reading in too deep.]

Now, we present another Bish in glasses [BECAUSE MEN WEARING GLASSES IS LYFE] and his name issssss!!

                                                                 LOOK AT THIS!! THIS PIECE OF TOTAL BISH


Aright, Yukio here is the youngest one, though he may be taller and more mature than his older brother Rin. He himself feels as if he sometimes has no worth.

Now, let me explain.

We already know that Rin and Yukio's father is Satan, but their mother was human. Satan wasn't able to take in the children and in the end they ended up alone, because their mother died. They were both taken in by a man and he raised them as his own two children. Okay, cute sob story everyone needs. [Mine is the fact that I can't do anything with my life. All I spend it on is yaoi yaoi yaoi and fan fictions.]

Well, there are a lot of differences between them. One is the fact that Rin has pointed ears and a tail while as Yukio resembles a human. He's more emotionally stable, and Rin always acts out on it. Yukio is reserved and Rin is very cheerful and talkative.

I feel like Yukio is a very dark character, he may not be at all. But, honestly, to me I feel like he's hiding so many dark constricted feelings that he doesn't know how to get rid of. I feel that sometimes he's envious of his brother because he feels as if he on more stable ground then he is while other believe him to be the sane one, I feel as if he's the one that just might snap at any moment.

And also, he has a very strong obsession with his brother, it may be due to him being his only relative. [Aside from Satan that is.] But, I feel like his feelings are on a different level. Something bordering both love and obsession. Or just plain possessive. It's honestly not healthy in any shape or form. I feel as if he has built his world and used Rin as his foundation, something he never wants to let go, something he'll chain and cage if he has to.

But, this is just what makes me love these things even more.

And, now, did you forget that Yukio is also a child of Satan? No? Well, good. Because even if he may not show it. Satan's blood flows through him. And we all know he's secretly fighting it.

WHOA, okay, I think this has gotten too dark, I kept on telling myself to keep it light and fun, but, well, when you ask me about my ships....they ALL have something dark about them.

                                                            Adding this in here to kind of brighten the mood.

                                                                Because I don't know how it got this dark.


Anyways, I have written a Blue Exorcist fan fiction, but haven't put it up here. It's pretty dark, but, if you'd like to read it, please, tell me. I'll post it up as soon as I can. [Also, I have a very large Blue Exorcist doujinshi collection, if you want to see them ask, but they come with a price, because them good ones are hard to find.]

Sa, well, I'll see you in the next one. [That will be coming very soon.]

殿下 [Yaoi Trash-kun (well, that's not what that means. but I'll still add this.)]


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