Competitive love


1. Short story

     Competitive love

There was a girl named Sarah and her new friend zack who were both juniors in high school. They were very competitive. Sarah and zack  made everything into a race. One day zack and Sarah were at there old elementary school for an open house. When they got there they both went upstairs to there favorite teachers room. It was mr. Irving who was the math teacher. They were demonstrating math problems on the board and we're having a lot of fun. It was almost the end of the open house and mr. Irving noticed through out the day that Sarah and zack loved to compete against each other. So mr. Irving told them that he needed a book he left In the church and asked if they could get it. He said to the two  that who ever made it back to the room first won. And Sarah and zack looked at each other and started to run away. Sarah was not fast and zack knew that. They ran right and went down stairs.   Zack waited for Sarah at the door because it was raining outside. Neither of them had shoes on to make it fair. Sarah sprinted down the stairs and went right out the door in only her ankle socks. Zack was surprised that she did that. He looked at her run and after staring at Sarah he ran after her because he didn't want her to win. When they got to the church door it was locked. They both started to walk away but Sarah noticed that the janitor mr. Skids was at the door. He opened it and Sarah asked him if he had Mr. Irving's book. He did because he Led Sarah inside and into the church. Zack ran but when he got inside there was Sarah with the book in her hand. Zack was upset but then mr. Skids told him that if he gets back first then he might be able to win. Zack turned around and sprinted down the stairs. Sarah had to think quick and she did. Instead of using the stairs she jumped over the railing and was closer than zack to the door. Zack was still running towards her. They were close to each other but zack managed to get to the door. On the stairs Sarah was ahead. Zack tried to pull Sarah by her waist but failed terribly. Instead Sarah pushed him down the stairs and fell all the way to the bottom. Sarah stood at the top waiting to see if he was ok. He didn't move so Sarah started to go and see if he was ok. Sarah was a step away from sack still not moving. But zack got up so fast all Sarah thought was to run and she did. She sprinted as fast as she could to mr. Irving's room and made it. He wasn't there though. Sarah stood by the door out of breath and zack came sprinting in and literally landed on top of Sarah. There they were both on the ground and zack pinned Sarah to the ground out of breath as well. 

Z- when did you get so fast? 
S- over the summer with Training. 
Z- really? 
S- yes. I just started. 
Z- well maybe we can meet up before hand. 
S- like a date. 
Z- yes. If you consider running till you can't feel your legs a date. 
S- well then we can meet after and talk about the pain we are going through. 
Zack chuckled but agreed. Mr. Irving was standing out in the hallway with another teacher mrs. Manzo the science teacher both waiting for something to happen. Zack just stared at how beautiful Sarah looked all wet, and Sarah just stared at zack's green eyes. Before you know it zack leaned in and kissed Sarah who he pinned down to the ground. Mrs. Manzo was smiling and when Zack looked over he saw both the teacher who taught both Sarah and Zack in 8th grade kissing as juniors in high school. Zack got up and helped Sarah up. Sarah slipped on her wet socks and landed in Zack's arms. Even though Sarah won the race zack won Sarah. 

                            The End

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