Dancing in the shadows

Maria was your average 18 year old girl. She had crushes, good and bad grades, got acne once and a while. But two men were about to change her life.


2. Vernon, a day at the beach


"Come on, Maria!" Said my best friend, Yami. "We are going to be late for the boys! 
Put on your swimsuit faster and let's go!" She was almost yelling at the top of her lungs. I know why, Vernon invited us to go to the beach, his treat. My crush for forever asked me and my friend to hang out with him and his friend. This was a dream! "I'm done Yami. Let's go!" I practically screamed. We were off to see my dream guy, at the beach. With a new swimsuit. 

We walked up to the car to find Vernon and Joshua in the car, patiently waiting. 
Then I realized that they probably heard us screaming our heads off in the house. Yami had a huge crush on Joshua too, so this made her want to scream. Joshua was driving, and Vernon decided to let Yami sit in the front, so he moved to the back with me. This day couldn't be any better. 

As we arrived at the beach, we saw a bunch of small kids. So I knew no girl could 
steal him today. No one has yet, but one day, I know. The sun was shining brightly, and there was no clouds in sight. The sand and air was burning my feet, so I had to pick up my feet every few seconds. 
"Let's go pick a spot." Said Vernon. We searched for a while, since the ocean beach was crowded. Vernon stopped.
"Like this one, Maria?" I quickly turned and nodded viciously. 
"Yami, do you need me to apply your sunscreen on your back?" Yami blushed, and almost fainted under the hot sun. 
"Yeah! Thanks, it helps a lot."
"Vernon, why don't you get us some waters, with Maria." He started to blush and nod to his friend. 
"Sounds great! Maria?" I was still blushing from the heat and the fact that he might like me. 
"I'm coming! We'll be back!" And so we left, leaving my best friend alone with the boy that's being nudged into her heart. 

"We'll take four waters please." I said. The cashier handed us the waters. "That will 
be eight dollars." Vernon held back my hand and gave him the money. "Don't worry, my treat." I was almost about to faint from shock and love. He was just too perfect. I grabbed two, and he grabbed two. We walked to find Joshua and Yami playing in the water, almost like children. I started to laugh, and Vernon started giggling, which made laugh even more. "Vernon, come on, let's go hang out with th--" he cut me off to say, "You don't want to play alone? We need to let them be." I nodded like my life depended on it. 
"Um... I.. Um..."
"I love you, too."
"Yeah.." I was so embarrassed from what he said! I wasn't even going to say that. The man in my heart. 

We walked over to a shallower part, by a reef. A beautiful reef with starfish, and
sea life. It was so cool. Better, with him. "Maria, this is beautiful.. I..." He leaned in for a kiss. We embraced and hugged. Wrapping his arms around me, kissing as if he loved me as a wife. He rubbed my cheeks, closing his eyes, wanting more. I slowly pushed away, so we wouldn't get caught. I'm glad I did because Yami and Joshua came over. 
"How's it going?" Said Joshua
"Good. What have you been doing?" Answered Vernon.
"We made a sand castle, and wanted to know if you wanted to see it?" Yami said, with pride. We both nodded, no hesitations. 

We were walking over to see what they made, but we were swooped away by the 
wind. We ran back to the stuff as fast as we could, so we weren't caught in the storm. We ran to the car, and put the towels on ours seats. Wet hair, wet swimsuits, beach day was not as great as I thought. 


"Sorry ladies, we couldn't spend a full time there." Joshua said, dripping wet, 
trying to concentrate on the road. "I hope we can try another day."
"Don't worry about it." Yami said. 
"Thanks for taking us there!" I said, trying to seem somewhat happy. 
There was a long silence, until Yami screamed look out! All went black. 


"Maria? Are you awake?" Vernon said, trying to wake me. "Can you hear me? We 
are at a emergency hospital near your house." I moaned, trying to move to see the window. It was bright and sunny, and the storm had passed. The ground was wet, soggy and the grass looked like it was sparkling. 

"Hello, Vernon. You must return to your room to take out your IV and replace your 
bandages." I gasped, sitting straight up looking at Vernon clearly. He had scraps that were covering one side of his face, near his mouth. Bandages were covering his arms and his left ankle. "Okay, thanks Doctor Anderson. I'll leave now. Bye Maria! Get better." I couldn't get any words out, due to the shock, shaking my brain, my vision getting blurry. The room went black once again. 

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