Dancing in the shadows

Maria was your average 18 year old girl. She had crushes, good and bad grades, got acne once and a while. But two men were about to change her life.


4. Tragedy

"Wonwoo, I need t-" he cut me off. "Leave. Go! She's your best friend!" I ran
off crying, tears rolling down my cheeks faster than a waterfall. I ran past Joshua as he was walking to Yami's empty room. He had a smile on his face. I could tell it hurt as he silently walked over. "Joshua, she's not in her room," I paused. "Stay here. I'll get you a wheel chair." 

I came back with a wheel chair from his room. He sat down with a thump, wincing
in pain. "Where is Yami?" Joshua said. I didn't want to tell him, but I had to. "Well, she is... I don't exactly know. But she is hurt really bad and-"
"Maria! Let's just go already," he said, tears slowly falling down his cheeks. 
"Okay, follow me." 

We walked down the long, dark halls of the hospital. We passed the empty rooms, 
and the taken rooms. We saw Doctors taking naps when they were off duty, and nurses taking midnight calls. We reached the end of the hall when we saw Jeonghan, Wonwoo, and Vernon sitting on a bench. "Jeonghan? Wonwoo, and Vernon? Is she in there?" Said Joshua. 
"Yes," Vernon said. 
"Vernon, is she okay?" I said quietly, fighting back the tears that were held in my eyes. 
"Maria, come with me," Vernon said, trying to avoid everyone. 

He brought me further down the hall, enough where they could see what was 
going on. "Maria, Yami has a rare disease. It came from the car when we crashed. The doctors believed that a powder was released from a sear cushion and Yami inhaled it. They are conducting surgery right now, trying to get the powder out of her lungs. The only issue is that it could have entered her blood stream." I fell to the ground. Sobbing, holding onto my hospital gown. "Vernon! Promise me you'll never leave me!" I cried out loud. "I'll never leave you Maria!" He kissed me, and we hugged. "Another thing is, it's contagious." A scene flashed back to me. 


I looked over and saw Yami coughing. I turned back to Wonwoo, and looked back 
to see blood on Jeonghan's face covered in blood. Doctors were rushing to bring Yami to the emergency room. They looked serious. Jeonghan stood in shock, while a young doctor was asking for him to come with him. 


"Vernon!" I screamed "Yami coughed on Jeonghan, he has the virus!" Vernon ran
to me pushing me down as Jeonghan started to cough all over we ran as fast as we could. Quarantined doctors tackled him and brought him in the same room as Yami


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