Dead Flower


5. The Next Morning

After Shira and I spend the night together, I was scared, that she'd runaway the next morning - like I usually did, but she didn't. She helped me clean up the house, and stayed with me all day. We watched The Lion King, Home, Big Hero 6 and I made her food. In one day my feelings grew even more. 

I asked her out, and we went for dinner, and afterwards to the movies. I held her hand. I hadn't held anyone's hand after Hyacinth, so I knew this was serious.. Or at least it was for me.

We went to the beach with friends, parties, beach parties, dinner with the family and all that. 

One night we were laying in bed talking all night, and she asked me about Hyacinth. 

"You were really in love with Hyacinth, right?", she said, looking me in the eye. 

"Yes, but we sure did fight too. I mean she could drive me crazy sometimes. She was always so stubborn, and everything had to go her way", I looked away and remembered the last fight we had. Hyacinth was saying how one of us would fall in love with someone else, and forget about the other person. I told her that I'd wait for her, because she was the only one for me, then she said that there was tons of fish in the sea, but right now I just had my eye on one, which I wouldn't have when we started living apart. We wouldn't be seeing each other everyday, but we'd be seeing tons of other fish, and slowly forgetting the one we had our eye on. 

Our last conversation before she died, was about fish and us. We were fighting, when we should've just been happy.

I told Shira about our last night together, and how her mother called me up the next morning, saying she had died on her way to me to apologize. She hugged me, and told me, that it wasn't my fault.

"Sometimes things just happen. You can't just look back and keep on thinking what you could've done different. Life happens, and it's not always fun, but it's a part of life", she stroke her hand through my hair.

"Do you think you'll ever love again?", she asked, and I knew what answer she wanted. I could see the diamonds in her eyes. 

"I thought, I couldn't. I turned into a total dick after Hyacinth died - screwing around and everything with no care at all. But then I saw you one day, and you got me flipped. I don't know how, but you got me believing in love again. I know it's corny", I said quietly, looking to see how she reacted. 

"We've been going out for three weeks, and you're saying you're in love with me?", she said like she was scared away and offended by what I had said, and I regretted saying it. 


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