Dead Flower


9. The flower and the girl

So I fucked up.

I woke up the next morning with the craziest hangover, and a hard ass stomach ache. My conscience was not doing good at all. I needed to talk to Simon about it.

The first thing I did, when I woke up, was grabbing my phone, and calling him:

"Dude.. You need to come over. I did something stupid, and also bring some junk. I'm starving!", I said desperate, and he came with some burgers and fries. 

"So what did you do?" he asked, while opening a beer. He looked pretty good today. Normally he'd just be wearing a hoodie and then some shorts, but today he was wearing a T-shirt, so you could see his big arms. And normally he'd never style his hair, he'd just leave it looking like a mess, but not today. 

"I might have known, that Hyacinth was back and alive, before she was back and alive" 

"What do you mean?", he looked excited to hear about all my shit, so I told him all about, how I saw her in the store down at the seaport, and then went to her house to talk to her.

"What did you tell Shira?"

"Well.. Hyacinth told me to keep quiet, so I did, then when she was in the news, and Shira asked me, if we should go down and see her, but I said no. I don't know, what to tell her. She've been nothing, but honest to me, and I'm just one big fat liar. The worst is, that yesterday night, she came by"

"Who Shira?"

"No, Hyacinth. She wanted to talk, but then she tried to kiss me, so I pushed her away, but then she got me going on the shots to celebrate her returning, and you know, I never say no to shots. So I got wasted, and we had sex", it felt ten times worse, when I said it out loud. 

"You really screwed up. Dude.. You need to talk to Hyacinth first, she can't tell anyone, unless you wanna loose Shira"

"I don't even know, which one I want. Hyacinth was my first love, but a lot has happened this year, and I'm in love with Shira now, but I still love Hyacinth. Can't I just have them both?", I knew it was naive and wrong. "What If I just keep on being with Shira, and then having an affair with Hyacinth. I mean, I've already fucked it up with Shira, so does it even matter, if I just keep on doing it?", Simon looked at me like he thought, it was a good idea, but also it was the worst.

"If you ask me, I think, that cheating is wrong, and you know that, but also I can see and understand, what you mean, and you and Hyacinth actually never broke up, but you should choose one girl, and at least come clean to Shira, even if you decide to stay with her. Lying is the worst, it's better just to be honest" 








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