Dead Flower


23. Revealing thruth

"I did know, that Simon had a girl, that he was crazy about right before Shira and I, yeah. But she wanted to keep it a secret, so Simon never told me, who the girl was", I said, and started thinking more. It made sense. Already from the first time I layed my eyes on her, he told me, that I couldn't date her, because she only dated older guys, but why didn't he just tell me, if it was over? Except if it wasn't over. 

"We saw them hooking up at a party, and they were both really drunk, but when we asked, if they were dating, they both said, that it was a friends with benefits kind of thing", Tobias said, and looked over at Daniel. Daniel took a deep breath. 

"At the night of your first huge party here at the house, I caught Shira saying, that she wanted to be with him anyways, but then Simon had found someone else, and he didn't want her anymore, that's when she got sad and went to the toilet", Daniel said, and then it made sense. 

"And that was when I found her all broken down at the toilet", I said, realizing how messed up everything just got. I thought, that Shira and Simon was so loyal and goodhearted to me, but they were just like everyone else. I felt sick. 

"When you had sex with Shira at that party last week, but then left to go after Ashley. Shira went straight to Simon. It was her second choice, and everyone knew that, but she wasn't discrete about it. She had an orgy in your room with Simon, Hyacinth, Alison, Jerry and us", Tobias said with really big eyes. I could see, that they both felt guilty, especially when I had been nothing but nice to them the whole day, but I wasn't angry about it. They were the only ones telling me the truth for once, so maybe they were worthy friends someday. 

"You know us, we both love sex, and an orgy just sounded fun, when we were really drunk, but we're sorry", Daniel said and looked up at me, hoping for that I'd forgive them, and of course I did. I couldn't say that for Simon and Shira though. I was so angry with them, but something still didn't make sense. The episodes they told me about, were only from, when we weren't together officially. It sucked that they both didn't tell me, but what about the cheating part, that Hyacinth told me about?


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