Dead Flower


16. Losing track

I needed some time to think for myself, so I asked one of the girls to invite Ashley over to her house for the weekend, and Ashley was more than happy to go. So I send her off to the girl's house after school friday, and then my weekend pretty much went like this:

I sad watching movies for some hours, until the door rang. I turned around and looked up at the door, wondering, if I should ask, who it was, or if I should just say, that it's open. 

"It's open!", I was too lazy to get up, but it was just Simon, so it was ok. 

"I heard, that Ashley is spending the weekend out of the house. Are you guys having problems?", he said, while opening a beer. I looked at him, but then looked down at the kitchen table. I was so confused about everything. 

"Maybe it was a bad idea bringing Ashley here", I said. Quickly after I actually realized, that I had said it out loud. There was just so much drama, and I should've ended it right with both Hyacinth and Shira. I had treated them so bad, especially Shira and I wanted to make it up to her, because I was in love with her. I wanted her back. 

"What's up?", Simon said, and gave me a beer. 

"I don't know. I mean, Ashley is a great girl.."

"And she's hot!", Simon interrupted. I looked annoyed up at him. 

"Yeah.. But it's not deep with her like with Shira or Hyacinth. I'm not in love with her", I said, and finally realized, that Ashley was a rebound. 

"Does she love you?", he said, and I didn't know. We had been together for three months, and we had never said it. It just wasn't like a romantic relationship. Maybe that was, why it wasn't deep. 

"Hey, do you wanna get drunk tonight?", I said, and looked up at Simon, who was already smiling.

Two hours later the house was so crowded. Everyone from the school was at my house. I had asked Ashley to come, but she didn't want to. Apparently she was already having fun with the girls, and for that I was happy of course. 

A few drinks later Hyacinth and her friends showed up. Simon and I didn't invite them, but there wasn't really a lot to do, but one of the girls Hyacinth came with, was the girl, who was supposed to be with Ashley. 

"You brought Ashley?", I asked, but Ashley wasn't with them. 

"She told me, she had plans with some other friends, when I asked her. I thought, you knew?", she said, and suddenly I felt sick. Where could she be? I ran upstairs to check on her stuff. Her passport was gone. Could she had gone back? I ran to the bathroom and sat on the floor. 

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