The Green Eyes That Saved Me

Lonely, lost, and devoid of all hope: Levi Ackerman had lost sight of life. He was going about his daily chores with the monotonous ways of a robot, programmed to repeat it's actions until the end of it's days. Suicidal and self-harming, Levi never thought he would be able to restore any manner of dignity or significance to his world. His job was pointless, his house was a wreck, he had no family and he had no friends. He believed no one would notice or care if he just slipped away... It took one look from Eren Jaeger to change his mind.


10. Chapter Ten

I awoke several hours later to a horrendous headache, and I groaned as I pushed myself into a sitting position. During my rest, I had slid down the cupboards and onto the filthy kitchen floor, taking Eren with me. He had his head lain comfortably in my lap, and was still sleeping. I rubbed my eyes groggily, my shoulders twanging painfully at even that small movement. Waking Eren was the last thing I wanted to do at that moment, but my cleanliness instincts were kicking in and I suddenly became horribly aware of the fact that there was a dead body in my kitchen.

            I carefully extracted my legs from beneath Eren's sleeping form, and regretfully let him lay on the blood stained kitchen tiles. God, we both desperately needed a shower.

            I crept with trepidation towards the thief, flinching slightly as I saw the fatal wound I had inflicted upon him the previous night. Oh crap. I had killed somebody, I could be jailed for life. What did Eren think of me? Did he hate me? Was he afraid of me? If that was so, I couldn't even bare to think of the outcome.

            I bent down to examine the corpse, but I was stopped in my tracks by somebody grabbing my jumper from behind.

            "Thank you", Eren said, pulling me around to gaze into his eyes.

            "For what?" I asked, determined not to show how relieved I was that he wasn't running away from me.

            "For saving me," Eren continued. "I would be dead if you hadn't done that."

            "Don't be stupid," I half snapped, feeling my neck crick as I looked at him. "I was protecting myself too."

            "But that's a lie. I saw you, slumped against the cupboards when I ran in, you'd given up,"

            Memories of the night before came flooding back into my mind, and I remembered the feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. Eren was right, I had given up. I decided to answer him wordlessly, and held out my hand, not overly sure why I did this. Eren looked quizzically at me for a second before he laid his palm on top of mine, and I closed my fingers around his. It was so warm, and it felt like we had become one being. Although it was strange too, as I had never held hands with someone before.

            I lead Eren silently out of the room, only pulling slightly on his arm as he followed behind me. My shoulders were protesting painfully to this act, but I ignored them, my only desire being taking Eren to safety. We headed into the living room, where my purchases were still strewn across the floor. I also paid them no attention and sat down on the settee, helping Eren to sit beside me. Still gripping his hand tightly, I stared imploringly into his oceanic eyes, the words I had been trying so hard to hold back suddenly spilling out of my mouth.

            "I missed you," I choked, unwelcome tears welling at the back of my throat. "You jackass, Eren, I missed you."

            Eren grinned widely as I tugged him into a rough hug, wrapping my arms tightly around his shoulders as if I would never let go. It actually took the teen several attempts to prise himself free, before he could reply to my confession.

            "I missed you too," he whispered, replacing our embrace with a soft hand laid on my aching shoulder. "That's why I came over last night. Mikasa was out doing the shopping, and I managed to climb out of one of the downstairs windows. I wasn't sure where I wanted to go, I just wanted to escape the house. So I walked the streets, and my feet took me here."

            "You're such an idiot," I said, sniffing slightly as I tried not to break down. "You could have been killed, you know that? Damn it Eren, don't scare me like that again. I thought I was going to lose you. I can't lose you again, I just can't do it."

            "And you don't have to," Eren whispered, squeezing my shoulders affectionately and causing me to hiss in slight discomfort. "I'm not going anywhere ever again. I'll have to keep living at home with Mikasa of course, but I promise we'll see each other again. I don't want to lose you either."

            This time, it was Eren who wrapped his arms around me, burying his face into the crook of my neck. I dropped my head onto his shoulder, and a few tears leaked out of the corners of my eyes. They dripped onto the back of Eren's shirt, and I felt him smile slightly as the sensation reached him.

            "What are you grinning at?" I half sobbed, half laughed.

            Eren giggled, pulling away and gently wiping the tear tracks off my face with the edge of his thumb.

            However, at that moment, our sentimentality was ruined by a sharp sound of disgust from outside in the hallway. I leapt to my feet, staring out of the open front door towards one of my neighbours: an elderly woman carrying a prissy-looking handbag. She was staring down her nose towards the jumble of items in the middle of my living room floor, and I flicked the middle finger at her as she haughtily walked away.

            "You think we should tidy up a bit?" Eren asked, jumping off the sofa and coming to stand beside me, looking amusedly down upon the pile of cleaning products.

            "This is nothing," I groaned, bending down and retrieving my clothing. "There's three times this much back in the car."

            "What did you do, shop or something?" Eren asked cheekily, kneeling beside me and offering his assistance.

            I elbowed him, perhaps a little too hard, as I sent him toppling backwards into the mountain of detergent and mops. He shrieked as I tickled his face with a feather duster, and dumped a heavy box of washing powder into his arms before I stood up and left him, squirming around on the carpet. I picked my car keys up from the table, even though it was already unlocked, and walked out of the front door, leaving Eren to pull it closed as he breathlessly ran after me. We hurried out onto the street, where we were met by a heavy gust of icy wind. Neither of us had coats on, so we sprinted around the car and delved into the boot as quickly as we could, hauling as many items as was possible to carry back up the stairs.

            After repeating this twice - and remembering to lock the car - we finally collapsed onto the settee, cheeks bright pink from the icy wind. One downside to our exertions was that my living room now had three times the amount of crap piled into the corner, our shoulders were now twice as sore, and on top of all that, there was still a dead body in the kitchen. We really should do something about that...

            "We need a cover story," Eren piped up, voicing my exact thoughts. "Otherwise you could be arrested."

            I nodded in agreement, waiting to see what he could come up with. A younger mind would most likely be better at brainstorming than mine.

            "How about we start by telling the truth, and saying that we had never seen the guy before. Last night, we were unpacking our shopping - which is a good excuse for the bin liner full of your things - and he staggered through the door we had forgotton to lock, already wounded and bleeding. We were just going to call an ambulance when he collapsed and died on the floor."

            Eren's eyes shone with triumph, and I couldn't find a fault in his plan. Except for...

            "But that doesn't really explain our injuries," I said, wracking my own brains.

"I don't have any visible damage," Eren explained, lifting his shirt and pointing to his stomach, where there was no injury to be seen. "And your nosebleed could have been caused when you passed out into the corner of the kitchen table, because you suddenly felt faint from the sight of the wounded man."

            "Makes me seem like a bit of a pussy," I pondered, thinking the plan over. "But I can roll with it just for today. Good brainstorming, Eren."

            The teen beamed happily and withdrew his mobile phone from his pocket. I glanced over his shoulder as he opened it, and noticed that he already had 65 missed calls from that over-protective Mikasa.

            "Ok, can you act?" he asked, offering me his phone. "Whoever calls the police needs to be hysterical and completely in shock, so do you think you can do that better than me?"

            I pretended to think for a moment, already with a mischievous plan formulating in my brain.

            "I think you'll be able to do the job pretty damn well... After I've done this!"

            And with that I pounced upon him, knocking him to the floor and snatching the mobile out of his outstretched hand. Eren shrieked with surprise and tried to stand up, but my determination was not easily overpowered, and I began to tickle him all over. He squirmed beneath me, laughing until tears of mirth were pouring down his face. By that point, I was beginning to become tired myself, so I clambered off him with one final pinch of the cheek, and smugly dialled 999.

            Eren was panting violently, sitting cross-legged on the carpet and glaring at me with a half furious, half exhilarated expression. I handed him the phone as it rang, smirking proudly as I heard an operator pick up, and Eren forced himself to enhance his flustered appearance.

            "H - Hello? It's Eren Jaeger... The police please."

            He continued to describe the events of the previous night with painful accuracy, telling the story perfectly and keeping up his terrified act. I prodded him in the stomach every other scentance, either causing him to gasp - which indicated horrifying memories - or utter a sound of exclamation - which showed that he was in shock. Between us, we made quite the team.

            As I listened to Eren relay the drama we had endured, I suddenly realised what a terrible situation we were in at the moment. I had taken a life, we were both injured, my apartment was a wreck, and yet we still managed to smile. If I had arrived home to find that burglar without having first met Eren, then I would most likely have been killed. I knew it sounded ridiculous, but I truly believed that Eren had actually saved my life, just like I had saved his by attacking the man. The fact that I had committed murder to save the teen's precious life made it seem like less of a crime to me, and I found it easier not to hate myself for becoming just as ruthless a killer as the criminal who had taken my parents from me.

            Before I knew what had happened, Eren hung up the phone and turned to glare at me with a certain sense of comical fury.

            "That's taking it way too far!" he exclaimed, kicking me in the shin as I burst out laughing. "Tickling me like that... Honestly, you would have eaten me alive if I'd tried anything of the sort!"

            I held my hands open wide to invite him to try, still disabled by my uncontrollable laughter. Eren took the chance and shoved me backwards onto the sofa, kneeling on top of me and making me pay for my actions, repeating everything I had done to him with strange accuracy. Boy, his memory must be good.

            I giggled - reminding myself of a small girl - and tried to push him off me, spasms travelling my body every time his fingertips grazed my skin. The sensation was odd, not painful and not pleasurable, but just enough to cause me to roll onto the floor, finally managing to reverse our positions.  

            "So what did they say?" I asked breathlessly, pinning Eren's wrists to the carpet to prevent him from continuing to tickle me.

            "What did who say?" he frowned, making me want to bang my head against the wall.

            "The police, you daft woodblock!" I exclaimed, poking his palm as realisation suddenly dawned upon his face.

            "Oh them! They said the coroner will be here within an hour."

            "Good. That gives us about 50 minutes to have some fun, before we have to act all hysterically traumatised again."

            I grinned cheekily at Eren as I clambered off him, grabbing his arm and tugging him to his feet.

            "There's not much point in tidying up the place, as it still needs to look like a crime scene," I explained, retrieving my new clothes from the pile of cleaning supplies. "But I can at least try these on!"

            And with that, I dragged Eren into my bedroom, feeling as though I was a teenager again. Only when I had actually been living my youthful years like the boy I was pulling behind me, I had never had any friends to show off clothes in front of. I felt like I was living backwards, enjoying times with friends in my thirties. Regardless of when I was able to live these luxuries, I felt extremely lucky to be able to do them at all. And sharing special experiences with Eren was my life force at the moment, so I couldn't wait to get started

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