Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice

I loved this movie, and I honestly don't understand why it's getting all this hate from critics.
It felt a little disjointed at the beginning, but all the pieces slowly started to converge into a larger tapestry. It managed to have a well written and well structured narrative without alienating the viewers. An intelligent (and at the same time easy to follow) plot.
I don't get why people say the characters weren't well developed and that their motivations weren't clear. Both Batman and Superman's points of view and backstories are well established in the movie, even to people who are new to these characters (which I think few people are). I liked that the movie spent it's first half building the characters in order to make the titular confrontation believable instead of getting right into the fight. And boy, did that approach pay off.


1. Dawn of Justice overbaked computerized animation

While I would say there are parts where the acting falls flat or characters go poorly utilized (although admittedly better than Man of Steel), I must admit some genuine pleasure in seeing an incredibly entertaining big screen versus of Batman and Superman, witnessing a vulnerable Superman feeling legitimate fear of mortality at points, as well as later courage in the face of such fears. I like the choice of condensing Batman's childhood trauma in the opening, a scene that we are all too familiar of and perhaps normally even tired of seeing over and over in previous renditions. Jesse's portrayal of Lex is a bit mixed; on one hand he delivers a decently convincing persona of how Lex is manipulative at times, but he also adds a little too much of a flare of being crazy, too joker-like (who by the way, has some great references sprinkled in). Wonderwoman goes far more underutilized than I would have hoped, and her inclusion feels sort of weak, and had they managed the cutting of the movie more efficiently, her inclination to join the fight as well as speak more could have certainly been done significantly better. That aside, she did look pretty badass on screen. Though a little clustered and jumbled in narrative and acting portions, Batman V Superman is certainly something to see for the main premise of the title alone: Batman fighting Superman, which is an action packed and enjoyable watch for sure. I would recommend seeing it in theater, but I wouldn't blame one for waiting for blu-ray/dvd since the fight sequences are the only real strong points in the movie personally.


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