INK ||cth||


// noun //

a coloured fluid or paste used for writing, drawing, or duplicating.


3. // two //

Calum's POV

"So... What did you boys think of Mi- I mean Naomi?" Louis stuttered, hand sin his pockets as we walked out of the studio. I thought about the way she had spoken to me while tattooing me. Or even the way she would sarcastically reply to all the word and crazy things Louis would say.

"She's pretty cool. How long have you guys known her?" Luke asked.

"Well, Harry actually met her before all of us. Obviously this was a place he came to a lot, I mean, just look at him." Liam said, pointing to Harry's inked arms. "But yeah, one day he told us to join him, since us four wanted to get some new ink on us. Except little Nialler here." Liam pat Niall on the head, chuckling, "So yeah, Harry introduced us to Naomi and here we are."

"So... Are you and Naomi dating, Haz?" Ashton asked. Harry's eyes widened, shaking his head immediately.

"What? Absolutely not. We're just good friends. Plus, I don't really think Mimi needs a guy in her life right now." Harry said, grinning. For some reason, a knot in my chest loosened as Harry said those words. I shook it off, ruffling my hair as we walked across the street to the pizzeria we had decided to go to.

I pushed open the door, the heavenly scent of melted cheese and tasty tomato sauce wafting through the room. "Damn, I forgotten how good this stuff smells." I said, laughing as I sat down in the booth by the window. I sighed, looking out at the bustling streets, people riding bikes, people in cars, people walking. Just people.

"Yeah, well, we haven't been here in ages." Zayn agreed, sitting across from me. I nodded, watching as Michael sat beside me, then Luke and Ashton. Then Harry, Liam, Louis and Niall piled in beside Zayn.

"If we're going to order anything, you know we're going to have to get Ash and Niall to do it." Liam said.

"Well, I think Niall will probably order the whole place." Ashton joked, chuckling.

"Hey! I can't help if I'm hungry. At least I don't get myself 'hangry'. I'm not me when I'm hangry." Niall argued, pouting.

"When he's hangry, Harry here just shoves a snicker bar in his mouth." Louis said, patting Harry's curly hair.

Naomi's POV

"Well... It's getting late. And your shift ended half an hour ago." John said. I sighed, nodding as I checked over the appointment book, closing it and placing it in the shelf under the bench. I turned around, wiping the stray hairs out if my face.

"Has Benji left?" I asked, rolling my sleeves down as it seemed to have gotten colder already.

"Of course he has! He left hours ago!" John laughed. I nodded, grabbing my purse and keys, heading towards the door.

"Have a good night, John!" I called, closing the door behind me. I sighed, slipping my hands into my pockets, walking down the street. Becoming aware that my phone was buzzing in my hand, I looked down, squinting to read the name of Harold.

Harold: I can see you! Hehe!

I frowned, immediately looking up. What in the world? He left hours ago! How can he see- oh! The bugger's trying to scare me... I quickly replied, smirking.

Me: Oh really, now? Where am I then, Styles?

Within a few seconds another text came, freaking me out den more than the first.

Harold: You're walking past a potted plant beside the Chancellor. And you're on your way home.


I heard a loud laugh from across the street, causing me to look up from my phone. And guess who it was? HARRY FREAKIN STYLES! I groaned, seething with rage. I looked across the street quickly, running across towards Harry.

"You bastard!" I said, punching him in the arm to which he simply chuckled.

"Come on, it was funny." He argued, hands up in defence.

"Yeah, you've got to admit it." Another voice said. I looked behind Harry to see the four Pommies and four Aussies walk out.

"They saw too?" I asked, embarrassed.

"Yeah." Calum said, laughing.

"Ugh." I groaned, shaking my head. "Didn't you guys leave the studio two hours ago? What are you still doing here?" I asked.

"We had pizza." Michael said, in between bites of what I think was pizza.

"It took you two hours to eat pizza? Come on, it takes me two seconds to eat a slice." I scoffed.

"No no no, you don't understand. The guy who owns the place wanted to congratulate us on our first albums so he decided to give us these big ass pizzas. They were huge no joke." Michael insisted.

"Huh... Alrighty then. You guys going home? Because that's whew I need to be heading." I said.

"What? You can't go!" Louis said.

"Why not?" I asked, confused. Louis latched onto my arm, tugging me down the street.

"Because you're going to stay at our apartment. We missed you!" Zayn insisted.

"Ugh! Come on, Aussie brothers! Help me out!" I struggled.

"Nup. We want to get to know this Mimi the boys talk about."

"For the last time! My name is not Mimi!" I retaliated.

"Oh come on. Who wouldn't want to spend time with 9 hot guys?" Michael asked.

"Hot? God, my cat is hotter than you! And I don't even have a cat!" 

NAOMI! You need to get your shet together cuz 9 hot guys? Pffffttttt, they're all MINE! Anyways, hope you enjoyed. Ily xx 💕💕

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