INK ||cth||


// noun //

a coloured fluid or paste used for writing, drawing, or duplicating.


4. // three //


Of course, it wasn't unusual for me to stay for a night at the boys' place. But now that I was very much outnumbered and there were now strangers, it felt weird. I didn't know what to expect or know if they were anything like Harry, Zayn, Liam, Louis or even Niall.

"So, Naomi, how long have you been in LA for?" Ashton asked as we neared the boys' apartment they'd be staying in for the next few weeks or so.

"Well, I moved from Adelaide to here about... 3 years ago. My parents were sort of friends with John and that's how I got my job at the studio as soon as I got here." I explained. We walked into a lobby sort of room, people bustling about, trying to get in and trying to get out. The usual LA thing. We waited for the next elevator, squeezing in among the already large crowd inside. I groaned quietly as I heard two women talking about stupid things.

"And so, my idea is, I'll just bump into him and start a conversation. What do you think?"

"I don't know, Mary, it seems a little too desperate." I scoffed, rolling my eyes. "Of course, it seems desperate." I muttered.

"Excuse me?" My eyes widened as I realized they had heard me. Goddammit. I turned around, even though it was physically impossible, I did the best I could.

"Sorry, were you talking to me?" I asked, innocently.

"Yes. I don't think you have right to intrude on our conversation." Looking at these women now, it all made sense as to why they were trying to set themselves up and trap innocent men into 'eternal love' as they would say. They looked... Disgusting! It's like a 60 year old woman dressing like a twelvie and wearing WAY too much makeup. And getting eyebrows tattooed? Now that is a rookie mistake. ESPECIALLY if you don't shave your eyebrows often. Ew.

"Oh, well, I mean... It's sad to think that women like you are still trying to get men. I mean, sure, there's not age limit on finding love, but love is a two way thing. Not just you shoving him into a corner so he'll never get out. That's called 'force'." I said, turning away as we arrived at our floor. "Now, if you'll excuse me." I said, stepping out and quickly walking out to the way to beat the stampede of people trying to get out.

"How come its so crowded?" Luke asked, scratching the back of his head.

"Yeah, I mean, since you're all getting famous and all, wouldn't you get some place with a small amount of people?" I asked as we walked down a hallway.

"Management says it'll blow our cover." Niall said simply.

"You guys were just eating ginormous pizzas at one of the best pizza places in town! That's not blowing your cover?" I asked, shocked.

"Not really..." Liam said. I widened my eyes at him, to which he looked down at his shoes. I rolled my eyes, shaking my head.

"Sometimes, you boys drive me crazy. And I don't even see you much!"

"Hey, you should feel sorry for Paul (a/n: yes, he left the band. yes, i know that. no, i dont care about your opinion on it :-) ) he looks after us on tour 24/7." Harry said, chuckling.

"He's still here? God! After all the stupid things you boys do, you'd think he'd have left ages ago!" I said, laughing as the boys glared at me.

"And here we are!" Liam announced, doing jazz hands as Harry stepped forward, swiping his card and opening the door. My eyes widened at the modern apartment laid before me. 

"Holy... This place is amazing! No wonder you boys are staying here!" I said, laughing as I ran up to the large sofa in the middle of the apartment, facing a huge flat-screen TV. The boys chuckled at my excitement, all 9 of them situating themselves on the sofa (because that's how much of a big-ass couch it was, it could fit all 10 of us). 

"This is nothing. The balcony is the best bit. Looks out on the whole of LA, it's amazing." Niall said, smiling widely. 

"Yeah, well you'll get a whole view of your LA fans when they find out you're staying here." I said, snapping my fingers. 

"Are you sure you're not related to Louis?" Ashton asked, looking to Louis for confirmation. Louis and I looked at each other, then burst out into fits of laughter. 

"Wh-What makes you think that?" I asked, wiping a tear from my eye. 

"Well, you're either related to him, or to Calum." Michael said, nodding. I looked behind him to the shy and quiet Calum. I titled my head to the side, smiling at him. He was cute, no doubt about that. But much quieter than the rest of his band. 

"Ah, is Calum the sassy one of 5 Seconds of Summer?" I asked. Calum looked up at the mentioning of his name, big, brown puppy eyes widening. 

"Of course he is! We all agree that he's the Beyonce of the band." Luke said. Now everyone's attention was on Calum, making his cheeks tinge with a light shade of red. 

"And why's that? He seems too shy to be like Beyonce." I stated, huffing. But secretly, I wanted to know why this boy was so very timid and unusually quiet. I mean, looking from his band, you'd think he'd be rowdy and obnoxious like the rest of them. 

"Are you kidding me?!" Ashton asked, laughing, "He might seem quiet now, but just get to know him and you'll wish you could shut him up." He joked. Calum glared at him, sticking out his bottom lip. 

"But why's he Beyonce? Is there something about him that-" 

"It's his ass." Michael said simply. We all turned to him, eyes wide. (a/n: michael... you are my spirit animal. btw, im malum af so) 

"Yeah, his hips don't lie." Ashton agreed. 

"Hm... Well, I'd like to get to know you, Calum Hood. How about you and me got get ice-cream for the rest of the crew?" I asked, standing up. He did the same shrugging his shoulders. 

"Sure." He replied, everyone staring as the both of us left the apartment. Calum Hood?... Or Beyonce? The world and I will never know... That is, until I get to meet the boy with ink on his chest. 







Yes! Finally the woman has made the first move. I mean, as if Calum would- shut up, of course he would. Anyways... Hope you enjoyed. Don't forget to vote and comment! ily xx

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