INK ||cth||


// noun //

a coloured fluid or paste used for writing, drawing, or duplicating.


11. || t e n

N A O M I 

"Thanks, Calum... For everything." I said, standing by the door as Calum threw his jacket on.

"It's all good. I'm just glad you got to enjoy yourself again." Calum replied, grinning. "Bye, Noon." He waved, laughing at the small pup near my feet. 

"Bye, Calum." 

"Bye... Mimi." I threatened him, my hand balled into a tight fist, holding my hand above my head as if I was about to punch him. He ran off to his car, his intoxicating laugh ringing through the street. I shut the door behind me after he had driven off, sighing as I scooped the pup into my arms, walking towards my room before laying under the sheets, feeling light and airy. 

"Now... What episode are we up to, Noon?" 


C A L U M 

"So... Where did you two go off? I was kind of expecting you not to come back." Michael said as I walked into the hotel room. 

"Really? Come on, Mikey." I groaned, shaking my head in annoyance as I huffed, stretching. Michael followed close behind, chuckling. 

"I'm joking, as if you'd do that." He rolled his eyes as I turned to him. 

"Where's Luke and Ash?" I asked, noticing how quiet the room was, even though Luke and Ash weren't really the loud ones in the band. 

"Oh, they just went across the hall. Liam and Louis were playing Cards against Humanity, I think." Michael replied, having opened a packet of chips and was now eating it. I shoved my hand into the bag, pulling out a few chips. I knew better than to get him to share. 

You see, Michael does this weird and gross thing when he eats chips. He'll eat the chip and then sprinkle the left over seasoning and stuff back into the bag. It's disgusting. 

"Hey! You could have shared with me instead of taking half the bag!" He whined, following me back into the living room. 

"As if I'd share with you and your gross chip-eating habit. God only knows where your hands have been, Cifford." I shot back, chuckling. 

"Yeah but I wash them like every ten minutes!" He whined. 

I shook my head, "No way am I sharing with you. I'll cuddle, but I'm never going to share chips with you... Ever. In fact, when you get a girlfriend, that'll be the first thing I tell her. Your gross chip-eating habit." 

"What?! NO! CALUM!" He screamed. I could hear the padding of his feet against the floorboards and I knew that I needed to bolt. And fast. 

I ran down the hall, towards the front door or the apartment, looking over my shoulder to see Michael, hands out in attempt to wipe his dirty ass hands all over my shirt. 

I pulled open the door and slammed right into someone, the both of us falling to the ground with a thud. 

"Woah, Calum!" A deep voice exclaimed, standing up. Is this how fans feel when they meet Luke? 

I shook my head and staggered to my feet, blinking my eyes a few times. 

"You alright there?" The voice asked again. My eyes focused and as soon as I saw the long, brown, curly hair I knew who it was. 

"Yeah yeah, sorry Hazza." I chuckled, shaking his hand. If you had spent enough time with Harry, you'd know that he will always shake hands with whoever he meets. It just shows he's the gentleman type. 

"What's the rush?" He asked, ruffling his hair. I looked over my shoulder to Michael and glared at him. 

"Oh, nothing. Just a bit of fun, I guess." I replied, shrugging my shoulders. 

"How's Naomi?" And cue the nervousness. 

"Oh, she's fine, she's good. Uh, I dropped her off at her place." I said, nodding. Harry cracked a smile and slapped a heavy hand on my back before laughing. 

"Why do you always get so nervous when I talk to you?" He asked. 

"I dunno, you're close to Naomi so I know if anything happens to her it's going to be my ass on the line." 

"Did someone say ass?" I looked to the door where now Louis stood, chuckling, "Hello, Calum. Michael." 

"What have you all finished playing cards?" Michael asked. Louis nodded and looked over his shoulder at the sound of their door opening and closing. "Ah, so once they've finished they all decide to come to our flat. What? Have you eaten all the food?" 

"No, it's just that you boys have got better food." Niall added, laughing and making his way straight down the hall towards the kitchen. Michael was right on his tail, repeatedly saying "don't eat all the food, Ni. We need it. I NEED IT!" 

"Well, you're right about it being your ass on the line. And trust me, I wouldn't want to hurt a friend, you'll have to understand that Calum." Harry explained. 

"Oh, trust me. I completely understand." I replied, nodding. 

M I C H A E L 

"Niall, please bro. I am begging  you. Stop stealing all our food." 

"Michael... I haven't even opened the cupboard yet. Open your eyes, you fool." Niall laughed, shaking his head at me. I groaned and muttered an 'I give up' as I walked towards the living room. 

"Alright. Move your ass." I demanded, falling back onto the couch and propping my feet up onto the coffee table in front of the couch. I took the remote from Luke's lap and changed the channel. 


"No buts, Luke. I am sick of your Mean Girls reruns and stupid penguin documentaries. At least watch a different episode or something for god's sake." I cut off, ignoring Luke's mutters of 'you don't have to be so rude' and 'penguins are cute though'. 

"What are we watching?" Harry asked, sitting beside me as he too, put his feet up on the table.

"Watching? You mean playing. I got the new FIFA the other day, it's sick bro."






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