Fiction Focused: A Writing Advice Handbook

The path towards writing great fiction is not an easy one travelled--although many chose to pursue it. Whether these individuals be gluttons for grief, closet masochists, or simply blinded by a euphoric haze of inspiration, a consensus can be reached with each holding the phrase, "The art of constructing fiction is worth it," someplace deep in their loins.

In recognition of the great many who sacrifice themselves to these pursuits, this Fiction Focused handbook promises (in a completely non-contract-binding-unpromising way) that it might be of some use. From writing advice, to personal pet-peeves, to general writing characterisation research that most skip.

Uploads will follow (hopefully) every Tuesday, Wednesday and/ or Thursday.


1. Disclaimer: Learning From Writing Tips

A disclaimer type outline would be best served before we delve into the disclaimer-worthy content. Rather obviously, no blog, book, video--or whatever medium you chose to educate yourself with--will ever have a complete and error-free guide to becoming the perfect writer, or writing perfect books. No ideas within this book are meant to bind you--oh please, the whole reason I fell in love with writing was because of the sheer overwhelming volume of freedom of expression. No rule is completely unbreakable, sometimes you just have to be selective about when to break said rules. These outlines are meant to help, not to trap you.

Keep in mind, however, that if you truly intend to earn any form of living off of your writing, you will need to approach it as if it were a job. Writing is a business, it's a trade that people have worked tirelessly towards refining. More freedom comes with writing as a hobby than it does when writing with a career goal in mind, those who choose to write for a career often have to accept the fact that there are some rules that generally have to be followed.

You can take a horse to a body of water, but you can't make it drink from it. You are a fabulous pegasus, and that body of water is the fountains of knowledge squirting from the pages of this handbook. 

Will you drink of it?


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