The Perfect Summer Day

"I can’t see those same blue eyes and that innocent and sweet smile of his again. I didn’t think I would. I thought that I would never see him again. And yet, here he is, he’s here." ~~~This is when time once again started for me.


1. Prolugue

My feet enjoy the feeling of the grass below me. Above me are the branches of my favorite tree. I reach up, touching one of the flower buds on the closest branch to me. They'll bloom soon. I glanced towards the bottom of the hill I was on- and there was Oliver. He was the person I love with all my heart and I always want to spend time with him- and to see him smile.

I smiled and ran to him, embracing him in my arms. He too embraces me, harder than usual.

"What's wrong, Oliver?" I whisper, concerned he's hiding something from me again.

"I'll miss you." I pull away from his touch. My eyes search over him, trying to find any hint that he's just joking around with me.

"What do you mean- Miss me?" His face stares at the grass below us and his feet start to kick the spot he's looking at. "Oliver."

"I'm moving to D.C." I stare at him as his eyes move to me, staring at me now instead. "We're moving tomorrow... so tonight is my last night here." Around me, the colors start to fade until all I see are black and white.

He holds out his hand. Inside it is a small white box. He indicates for me to take it, so I do, my hands grazing his in the process. When I open it, inside it lays a small silver bracelet. I gently grab it and pull it out of the tiny box. On it was a tiny, silver bird.

My gaze quickly moves from the bracelet to Oliver as tears start to well up in my eyes. "Oliver..."

Oliver grabs the bracelet from me and clicks it into place on my wrist. He turns the little bird over and engraved on the bottom of it are the words, 'Oliver and Ali'. I stare at the little bird, tears rolling even faster down my face, making my vision blurry. "I told you that you were a bird, didn't I? Now I will always know where you are." He smiles at me with that same old smile that I love. And with that I was engulfed into the moment- into loving him even more. "I'll never be able to catch up to you at this pace, Ali. You always seem so far away under the skies..." He laughs and tilts his head up to the sky,"Like you would fly away at any moment."

With that, tears run down my face, making me look like a complete mess. "Y-You can't. Oliver, no. Don't leave me, Oliver." Both my hands grab hold of his forearm and he looks at me. "Oliver... please." My hole body is now shaking along with my heart and the tears won't stop sliding down my cheeks. "Oliver, I know you don't want to go... I know you hate big cities. You said that you wanted to..." I start to choke on my words. "stay with me and the countryside forever."

Oliver stares at me with compassionate eyes before braking my grip and embracing me in his arms. Then, he says the words that truly brake me. "I love you Allison Willstatter." He hugs me tighter as my body goes numb. "We will meet again someday, and then we can really be together." His arms release me from their grip and my tears stop coming.

His hand moves to my face, gently pressing against my skin, his eyes once again staring at me. "Can you do me a favor?" He smiles.

I nod, not knowing what else to do. "Don't cut your hair, okay? This way I will definitely be able to find you-with your beautiful hair and ocean colored eyes." His other hand flows through my hair and his face grows closer to me until all I can see is him.

Soon, his lips are pressing against mine and my tears return. I can feel his warmth transferring to me along with all the feelings that he's been trying to express to me all this time. But either way, whenever he kisses me, I'm helpless as I get swallowed up by him and his overpowering feelings- along with my own. Because I love him.

He pulls away too soon, but I couldn't do anything to stop him from doing so. Then, in one swift movement his hands are squeezing mine as he says his parting words. "I promise I'll find you again. I promise." Around me, time stopped, the only things moving now are me and him.

He releases his grip on my hands and walks down the grassy hill as I sink to the ground, tears falling faster than a waterfall on a rainy day. He's gone.







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