Shadow Girl



1. Chapter One

Two dark-skinned men walked into the forest on September twentieth, looking for a place to rest their heads. They had both had long days at work and were completely exhausted.

For the longest time, neither of them talked. Finally, the silence was too much, and one of the men, the tallest of the two, spoke.

“Wringler,” he said, “the Chosen One was near today.”

Wringler slowed and looked the other man in the eyes. “I sensed that, too. I feel certain that the Chosen One will show in just a few months. Teffreir, do you think that we’ll find the One before the End?”

Teffreir coughed. He had been thinking of this for months, and was still unable to answer. “To be honest, brother, I have no idea. The End grows nigh, and so does the One. Who will reach first, I do not know.”

Silence again. By this time, the men had reached a large tree. There was an indentation in the side of it the size of a small girl.

“The One was here, I can feel it,” muttered Wringler. He took off his worn leather jacket and grabbed an animal call out of his back pocket. He blew into it lightly. There was no sound. He took it out of his lips and did it again. Still no sound.

Teffreir sighed and looked the ground. “The One is not present.”

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