More than friends

My name is Vanessa Martinez and I’m 18 and I live in Compton C.A. with my sister Jessikah . And I moved to Compton 6 years ago because both my mom and dad died last year so now I live with my 21 year old sister.


2. My life

Steven’s POV

That prank was really funny I thought to myself then Vanessa got a text.


“Steven I gotta go my sister she's is in the hospital”

“Do you need a ride?”



She told Jordan and Aaron and they came to. When we got to the hospital she got out of the car and sprinted towards the front desk. Before she could ask the nurse where her sister was at her relative came up to her.


“Vanessa your sister”

“My sister is what?” she asked

“She died”


There was a sudden pause.


“No, you're lying to me” I started to cry.

“I’m so sorry”


She didn’t cry she didn’t do anything she just walked out the hospital like nothing was wrong.


Guys are you coming?”

“Yes.” we said at the same time.


We went back to Aaron's house and Jordan tried to talk to her about it thing but all she said is “I’m fine” but i don’t believe her of course.


                                * Three months later *

Vanessa’s POV

Today I woke up feeling really hungry again I’m not surprised because I’ve gained a lot of weight since my sister died.


I went downstairs and found me some twinkies,hot cheetos,and donuts all my favorites and sat down on the couch and watched some T.V.


After a while I hear someone knock on the door I got up to see who it was.


“Who is it?”

“Its Chase”


I let him in.


“Hey Nessa we need to talk”


“Ok, I don’t know how to say it so I’m just going to say it, I wanna  break up”


“You don’t look the same like you used to,sorry”


Then he left.


First my parents, then my sister now this I’m surprised I’m not in foster care or whatever.


I don’t even know why I’m here. I went upstairs and looked on my desk grabbed my pencil sharpener took the blade out of it and start cutting.

There was blood pouring down my arms. I’m done with life. I grabbed my phone and called Jordan.


“Hey Nessa do you want to come over?,Steven and Aaron is here”

“Put your phone on speaker”

“Ok you're on speaker”

“I love you Jordan remember that ok and you to Aaron and Steven, I’ve decided that this world is too much for me to handle so I’m done I will always love you guys.”




“Wait Vanessa what do you mean, we're-”


I hang up.


I go downstairs to my sister’s old room and went into her medicine cabinet  and grabbed every medication I could and went upstairs to my bathroom

and started to take them all.


                                       * Blacked out*


Steven’s POV

“Hey Nessa do you want to come over? Steven and Aaron are here”

“Put your phone on speaker”

“Ok you're on speaker”


Jordan called us to come over so we could hang out and maybe go somewhere when Vanessa called.


“I love you Jordan remember that ok and you to Aaron and Steven, I’ve decided that this world is too much for me to handle so I’m done I will always love you guys .” I say my voice cracks


I was really scared and I could see the fear in Jordan’s eyes too. But Vanessa was calm she wasn’t crying or anything.


I took the phone from Jordan.




“Wait, Vanessa what do you mean, we're-”


She hung up.


We all looked at each and had the same idea because we all ran out the door.


Once we got to her house we looked everywhere.


“GET UP HERE QUICK” Aaron yells from upstairs.




Me and Jordan ran upstairs. Vanessa was on the floor not breathing

we called the ambulance.


Vanessa’s POV

I woke up and there was this bright light so I could tell I was in the hospital,when I looked around  no one was in the room I noticed it was really quite because the beepy thing was really loud.


I see Chase walk in with flowers.

“What are you doing here?” I said almost in a yell

“Jordan called me and said you were in the hospital”

“Okay and…”

“I’m sorry”

“Okay,now bye” I rolled my eyes.

“Can you please text me when you get out”

“Don’t know”

He set the flowers on my bed and then left.


I stared at the flowers for what seemed like a long time just thinking about why I wanted to die.


“Nessa?” I look up, it was Steven.


“Are you okay?”

“Sadly yes”

“What do you mean sadly?” He asked kinda yelling at me

“Well...I think things would go better if I… were to die”


When I said those words I wish I could take them back but part of me knows it’s true. Steven looked at shook his head but not in madness, he laughs.


“You joking, right?”

“If I were joking then would I be in the hospital”

“So you tried to kill yourself just because your sister died and someone dumped you?”


That's stupid!”

“Can you leave please”



He walked out. Then comes in the nurse (yay).






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