Inside June's Skewed Head

She doesn't think of herself as the background character who just blends in with the crowd, invisible and unnoticed... Oh no. If this was a story, then she'd be the writer.


1. First Part

It was loud. The teacher hadn't arrived yet, for reasons unknown except to one person only and the unruly students were taking advantage of the freedom they knew wouldn't last long. Some were sitting with their friends and trying to squeeze in one last rumour about "That F**king Slut, Farrah Yeger" or recounting wild events about last night's party. A few were bending their heads, pouring over their books, trying to cram in one last-ditch attempt to study for the test that Mr. Hard ("What an unfortunate name," she thought) had been warning them about for weeks. The rest were throwing paper air planes across the room carrying private messages, some trying to catch someone else's plane in an effort to embarrass them. 

However, in all the hubbub and chatter, there was one girl in the room who didn't need to try and catch the air planes to know what was in them. June Walker sat back in her chair, headphones on her mousy brown head, apparently nodding her head to music. She surveyed the chaos before her, smirking inwardly. She loved times like these. It was easy to observe in peace, and it was usually in these moments of commotion that she chose her next targets. It was always the ones that looked like they had something to hide; the ones that fidgeted that didn't usually fidget, the ones that looked away, even they weren't the type to. 

At the time, she had her sights latched onto a pair of best friends, sitting at opposite ends of the room, chatting animatedly to other people, but pointedly avoiding each other. She already knew the answer to this one, and it was a rather boring one. One of the two had "stolen" the boyfriend of the other, and an argument had ensued. But just knowing wasn't the fun part.

Time to put the plan into action.

She stood up, and made her way towards the door. This was step one. Even though it looked easy -and really, it was- the whole plan balanced precariously on what came next. Either he stopped her, or he didn't, and she desperately wanted him to stop her. As she walked past Hal Festin (the subject) and his girlfriend, she slowed down deliberately, making sure he noticed her - but she couldn't look at him. Making eye contact would seem suspicious to him  and might deter him from making the first move, which was the very last thing she wanted to do.

About 12 feet from the door she started to worry. He hadn't noticed her, or at least if he had, he wasn't acting on it. 6 feet, and she was contemplating the wisdom of just taking the chance and pulling him out to carry out step two, but a second later she dismissed the idea almost immediately. She had her hand on the door knob, but she still hadn't given up hope, lingering there for a second or two longer  than needed. She sighed imperceptibly and opened the door, leaving the tumultuous classroom. 

Oh well, she thought, trying to cheer herself up half-heartedly. There'll be other chances to take. Other people to manipulate. Even if they're not going to be as funny... or exciting... or unpredictable. 

She was pouting now, meandering aimlessly along the empty corridor, wondering where she had gone wrong. She had had high hopes for this scenario, and if things had played out the way she wanted, it would have been enough fun to expel her boredom for at least two days. How disapo-

"AAAAH!" She shrieked, her heart jumping out of her chest. The hand that had suddenly grabbed her shoulder reeled back.

"Sorry! Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you like that!" A worried voice said.

 Bent over double and clutching her chest , June tried to catch her breath. When she stopped hyperventilating, she was so ready to unleash the full force of the June Monster on this innocent boy (god knew she needed to do it lately) but on seeing who it was, she immediately shut her mouth and swiped the pissed look off of her face.

A second chance! Yes! On the inside she was doing a little happy dance, singing thank you's to whoever was up there in the sky. Not that the subject knew, of course - all he saw was the apologetic mask she had put on.

I have to play this right, she thought. Calm down. You can't let this opportunity go, June Walker.

"No, no, I should be sorry," June said wringing her hands, and glancing anywhere but his eyes. The very picture of a shy nerd. "I shouldn't have been daydreaming in the middle of a corridor, I was being an idi-"

She was interrupted by an airy laugh. It was light and fluffy and suited his looks. Pale blue hair, accompanied by pale skin and pale blonde hair. He was a little bit shorter than average but his character was larger than life, in a gentle way. No wonder he was popular. It was almost hard for June to believe that this boy had been the one to cast a girl aside to date her best friend, throwing a wrench into 3 year long friendship. And having no qualms about it, no less. Eh, whatever , she thought. It only made it that much more interesting.

Hal waved away her apologies and said, "Don't worry, as long as you're fine. You really worried me for a second there." She gave him a small smile and glanced behind her as if she really had somewhere to go, making it seem involuntary.

The perfect touch, she thought. Hal continued, "Anyway, I really need to talk to you." She put on a slightly confused look, as if she didn't already know why he had sought her out.

"I guess you already know about the... situation..." He trailed off. She frowned, intensifying the confused expression; a flawless show of ignorance.

He clarified. "You know. Between me, Kimberly and Whitney...?" Kimberly Miller being his current girlfriend. 

"Um." June said. Of course she knew, but she cackled gleefully in her head, delighted with his flustered expression. To be honest, pretending she was oblivious to the drama going on in her classroom wasn't part of the plan, but still... this was hilarious.

"Wait..." She said, deciding to relieve him of his struggle. "Are you talking about the whole, Whitney being... old news?" Before he could say anything, she said "Sorry! I didn't mean to be rude." She couldn't have him thinking that she might be anything other than a timid mouse.

"It's fine!" He said smiling benevolently. "It's not like anything you said wasn't true. But I was wondering if you could help me out with... something."

Her eyes widened and she thought to herself,That was quick. Too quick. Isn't he supposed to be... I don't know... bashful? But he can't say it now. There's only a few more seconds to go before the bell rings. Think, June, THINK.

"Me?" June asked, pointing to herself incredulously.

Hal chuckled and said "Yes, you. Umm..." He frowned and she realized he was asking for her name, but she ignored the implied question. That could complicate things. Instead she started rambling to stall for time.

"How could I help you? Not that I wouldn't wan't to help you of course, I mean you're pretty hot-" Cue blush and nervous laugh, "It's just that the only thing I'm good for really is studying- unless that's what you were looking for? I'm good at calculus and even though I mostly get straight A's I sometimes fail at art history, so sorry, I can't help you ther-" June babbled on like this for about a minute, hoping upon hope that a miracle would somehow happen.

And it did. Inner June heaved a huge internal sigh of relief when she saw Kimberly Miller start down the long corridor as the bell rang for the end of school, in search of her boyfriend. Step two; time to speed up the conversation.

"Oh my gosh!" She said, looking away, embarrassment on her face. "I am so sorry, I've been told I pratter on, and on, aand ooooon- what did you want to say?"

With a slightly amused look, he said; "Well... I'm sure you know how Kimberly and Whitney used to friends?"

June said nodded, while thinking seriously, hurry it up!

"So... I've been thinking about that lately, and everyday I feel more and more guilty-" Guilty? That surprised her. So he did have some kind of conscious. Oh whatever. What was it to her?

"So. I was wondering whether..." He trailed off, probably hoping that June would fill in the blanks herself. While she knew what he was going to say, the plan wouldn't work unless he said it aloud at exactly the right time. And watching Kimberly approach them, June estimated that the "right time" was going to pass, very soon.

"Whether?" She prompted. She kept her calm mask on, but the moment was approaching soon.

Come on...

"So you know Lane Barnes?" 

She didn't. Well, not personally (she had a lot of information on him; as with the rest of the class) but she made Hal think she did. Lane Barnes was a new transfer student who didn't really speak much, but was very good looking. All she had to do was sometimes talk to him, and pick up his eraser when he dropped it, with a grin, right in Hal's line of vision.  It was more than anyone else did for him and in Hal's eyes, set her apart from the rest.

June eyed Kimberly faster approaching the pair and silently wished that Hal would just hurry up, for God's sake.

"So I was wondering whether you'd be willing to set Lane up with Whitney."

YES! She cried (in her head of course). He'd said the magic words! From here on out, it was child's play. 

Suddenly, and without warning, June adopted a flirty demeanor and waited for Kimberly to be in earshot before she replied.

"But... don't you already have a girlfriend?" She giggled a little bit, turning slightly so her face was hidden from Kimberly's confused one.

Hal was puzzled by her reply and her sudden change in attitude, but said nothing of it. Instead, he went; "Come on, just a date! A little one!"

She grinned. June found Kimberly Miller's scandalized expression hysterical, and it was all she could do to not burst out laughing right there. But she watched her as she fled,  inwardly satisfied. Now all she had to do was sit back and watch the drama unfold. 

She dropped the hair twirling and fluttering eyes and said, "W-well... I'll do my best! But I can't promise anything..." And with that, she stuttered out a nervous good bye and watched as he walked away. As soon as she exited the school building, a slow wicked smile, took over her face. Oh, how she couldn't wait.


The next day at school, June sat in her usual place, snickering. Rumours had been flying around, about Hal Festin being the enemy of all women etcetera, etcetera but she didn't care about that. What she cared about was the tangible heaviness in the atmosphere. When Kimberly and Whitney banded together against Hal, all the girls (only the popular lot cared to get involved) had backed them up. Of course, the boys had to defend Hal, so it had turned into some sort of very enjoyable boys vs girls Cold War. What is this, elementary school? She thought to herself. 

On some level, she felt a little bit sorry for ruining a perfectly good relationship and a devoted boyfriend's reputation but... It wasn't personal. With June Walker, it was never personal, but as long as the outcome dispelled that incessant boredom that followed her everywhere she went, she'd gladly do anything. Really... anything. Most people who ever have the misfortune to encounter someone like June walk away thinking, "What a... twisted person."

But while June admitted that she might be missing some key components in her brain, vital instruments that would otherwise make her tick like a normal person, June rather liked it this way.

As what had begun as icy silences and cold shoulders developed into outright quarrels, June sat back, watching the whole play interestedly, just another background character.

Background character? She snickered at the thought and surveyed her handiwork - this time a girl had slapped some guy and fled weeping.  Heck no. I'm not going to be part of the invisible crowd. June Walker created this whole scene! So if this were a story... if this were a story... then I'd the writer.


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