True Love Never Ends

Alisha Barren is best friends with Harry Styles. When she confronts her parents that she is dating Harry, They decline it and demand her to break up with him. But for once her parents start to accept the fact that


9. 9 - Wedding

Alisha Pov

I am so nervous. Tomorrow is the big day. I got my wedding dress last week. I lay down in Danielle's room while Harry is at his place. He's probably as nervous as me. I close my eyes and rest my eyes til tomorrow. 

~Next day~ 

I wake up bright and early. I check my phone and answer all twitter notifications. I get up and get ready. Danielle walks over and helps me with my hair. and I get on my dress. "You're Gorgeous!" Dani exclaims. I smile and Nod. "Thanks." I say giving her a hug. I sit back down as Dani fixes my makeup. By the time she is done, It's time to go the wedding. 

We drive to the church and wait outside. The people get in their places. Kelsey is the flower girl. Dani holds Kelsey as Kelsey throws the flowers everywhere as she walks down the isle. Next its, Liam and Sophie. Then it's Perrie And Zayn. Last but not least it's me and Niall walking down the isle. Niall is walking me down the isle. I smile and give Niall a hug once we get to the end. The guests sit down and the priest talks. 


~After Party~

Harry holds my hand and kisses my cheek. "You're now Mrs. Styles." He says. I smile and nod. "Yup. I'm Mrs. Alisha Lynn Styles." I say and he smiles. We go to the bar and get a drink. I drink water. Harry grabs a beer and slowly sips it. He runs his hand up my thigh smiling at me. I shoo his hands away and continue drinking. I hold his hands and bring him to the dance floor. "Grind on me" Comes on and Me and Harry grind against eachother. He wraps his arms around my waist and picks me up. He kisses my lips passionately. He smacks my butt as he walks to the limo when the party was over. 

He walks over to the limo and we drive off to Texas. People were screaming. I smiled. Harry puts his hand up my dress secretly and moves it up to my thigh. "Wait til we get to the hotel baby." I whisper in his ear as he pulls away. He puts his arm around my shoulder and I rest my head on his chest resting my eyes.

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