True Love Never Ends

Alisha Barren is best friends with Harry Styles. When she confronts her parents that she is dating Harry, They decline it and demand her to break up with him. But for once her parents start to accept the fact that


8. 8 - Christmas Engagement And Back Together?

Harry POV

I start pacing around the room. Today was the day that I propose. The boys finally agree with me and Alisha's relationship. I mean Liam And Danielle fucked on their 4.7 month anniversary. But they are broken up. Hopefully they get together soon. 

Today was also Christmas day. I was so happy and nervous at the same time. I walked to Zayn's door and knocked. "I heard rustling and a door opening revealing Zayn in a robe. "You were about to have Christmas sex?" I joke and he blushes. "Yeah. What do u want tho?" He asks. "I just need advice. I'm so nervous to propose to Alisha. What if she says no?" I rant. He comes over and sets me on his bed with him sitting next to me. "Well, You love her right?" He says. I nod. "Tell her how much you love her and how much you mean to her. She'd love that." He says. I nod and give him a hug. "Thanks." I say getting up to walk out the door. "Make sure to use protection." I add and run out before he could catch me. I walk into my room and see that Alisha just woke up. "Morning sexy girl" I say and she blushes. "Morning baby boy" She mumbles stretching. I carry her down stairs where everyone else is. Zayn and Perrie came down dressed. I wink at Zayn. We sat in a circle and opened our presents. 

I get up and bring Alisha up with me. I get down on one knee. "Alisha, I love you so much and you mean so much to me. I remember 1 year ago, I had asked you to be mine. I didn't realize that you would say Yes to a guy like me. I want to spend rest of my life with you." I say and look down grabbing the small box out of my pocket. "What i'm trying to say is, Will you marry me?" I ask her and Marry You by bruno mars came in the back ground. She looks at me and then at the ring. She looks at me and nods. "Yes. A Million Times yes!" She cries and I put on the ring and gave her a big hug. "Love you" I whisper in her ear. "I love you too baby" She says back and we pull away pecking each others lips. 


"Congradulations!" All the boys say and Perrie. "thanks" We say and hang out. I push Alisha onto my lap gently and kiss her. She pulls away and looks up and There was a mistletoe above us. She looks at me and smiles. She leans in and kisses me. I caress her cheek and kiss her back. 

Alisha POV

I was so happy. Soon I will be Mrs. Styles. We would have little Styles running around. I hug Harry once more and then hugged everyone. 

My phone rings, "Yellow?" I say. "Hey. I just wanted to say that me and ur mother over reacted and we now accept your relationship with Harry. That's why we had came over but Harry kicked us out." My father's stern voice says. I sigh. "You better not mess this one up." I say. "Harry just proposed to me." I say. "Congratulations!" My parents voice's says. I smile and we talk for awhile til it was time to eat dinner. I feel a lot better since I beat the Cancer. 

I eat dinner and sat on the couch. I see Danielle walk in. "Heyy girlie" She says walking over to me with Kelsey who was now giggling. "Hey Danielle" I say. "And Hi Kelsey" I say to Kelsey as she reaches out to me. I laugh and take her in my arms kissing her head. Harry comes over and says Hello. "Theres my god daughter" Harry says and takes her away from me. Danielle gasps. Probably she saw the ring. "Harry u proposed to her already?" She asks and Harry nods smiling holding my hand while holding Kelsey in the other hand. She smiles and jumps. "Congratulations!" Danielle says. "Thank you" Me and Harry both say. 

I go and put my plate in the sink and head to bed falling asleep as Harry was downstairs talking. 

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