True Love Never Ends

Alisha Barren is best friends with Harry Styles. When she confronts her parents that she is dating Harry, They decline it and demand her to break up with him. But for once her parents start to accept the fact that


4. 4 - BREAK UP

Liam's POV 


"Now theres no tour. If he had listened we would be there by now." I groan. "They love eachother. Its another way to show love" Danielle says kissing my cheek. "Yeah but, I don't know.. Alisha is like a sister to me. I don't want her to get hurt. Their probably fucking right now" I say. "Let's check the cameras." I say. "WHAT THERES CAMERA'S IN THE HOUSE?" Danielle screams. "yeah.. I don't want them to get kidnapped." I say. "THEY NEED PRIVACY!" she yells. "I'm done. We are O-V-E-R." She says and slaps me and walks out. I cry. I made a horrible mistake. 

Danielle POV

Liam just wants to fucking protect Alisha but I don't get how he has camera's in the house. I scream and get a cab heading home. I looked on twitter. 

'@LiamPayneOfficial: come back to me baby.' one tweet read.

'@Harry_Styles: Power is out... Great. FUCK YOU RAIN!' another one reads.

I laugh at harry's tweet and favorite and retweeted it. I go to liam's profile and unfollow him. I don't want to see that douche again. I text Alisha. 'Hey girl! i just broke up with liam. Turns out he has camera's in the house? I got mad at him. So i just left him' I say and wait for another one. 


'Wow! I saw his tweet. He must be feeling really bad.' Alisha texts back. "Yeah." I text back. 


Alisha POV

The power had gone out great and more drama is coming. Danielle and Liam breaking up, Power is out. What's next, Someone coming and raping me? Harry comes in with a box of condoms. "Got 'em" He says excited and hovering over me kissing my face. I laugh and look into his eyes. I can see lust. I see love. I pull his face towards mine and kiss him. He takes off his pants and underwhere. He puts on the condom. "these are too small" He groans. "Just put it on. I'm tired of waiting." I say. He groans and kisses me with all his might. 

~you know what happens~

I get up and get dressed. "That was the best sex I have ever had." I say. he nods getting his pants on.  


"Tomorrow we are going to the UK. I want you to meet my family" Harry said to me. "Okay." I say. I kiss him. "I love you" He says. "Love you too." I say. 


There was banging on the door. "Who is that?" I groan and head off to the door. I see its my dad. I run off and hide behind Harry. "Who is it?" He asks me. "It's my father." I say. harry picks me up and lays me down on the bed and cuddles. He kisses my neck and cheek. More banging. "Omg. I'm starting to get a head ache." I say and hold my head. Harry gets up and opens the door. "SHE DOESNT WANT TO TALK TO YOU! GET THE FUCK OUT!" Harry screams and shuts the door. "There he's gone." Harry says coming back. 


We then fall asleep.

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