True Love Never Ends

Alisha Barren is best friends with Harry Styles. When she confronts her parents that she is dating Harry, They decline it and demand her to break up with him. But for once her parents start to accept the fact that


11. 11 - Home Sweet Home

Alisha POV

~1 week later~

"Wake up love" Harry whispers in my ear. I open my eyes and look at Harry and smile. He gives my cheek a kiss. I get up from out of bed and stretch. I walk over to the window and gaze my eyes around the scenery. I felt hands around my waist. I look up to see Harry smiling down at me. He leans down and kisses my lips. "c'mon we gotta get packed" He says after pulling away. 

I walk over to my suitcase and pack up all my clothes as Harry does the same. "Ready?" Harry asks me. I nod and zip up my suitcase and look around making sure I got everything. I walk out with my suitcase in hand and Harry's hand in another. I bring his hand up to my lips and kissed his hand. I then swing our arms back and forth. "Someones in a good mood today" Harry says. I nod my head. We get down to the lobby and check out. 

~at the airport, after the plane ride~

We are back from Colorado. We then drive home. I turned on the radio and started dancing to Shake It Off By Taylor Swift. Harry just looked over at me and laughed. I smiled. We reached our driveway and parked. We grabbed our suitcases and walked inside. 

"You guys are home!" The boys said. I just smiled and took my suitcase up and started unpacking. I walked back downstairs and saw the guys just talking. "Theres my wife" Harry says. "I was upstairs unpacking" I say and give Harry a hug. I then give the boys a hug too. "wheres Zayn?" I say. 

"fixing my hair!" I hear a exclaim in the hallway from the bathroom. I run to the bathroom to see him fixing his hair. "Hey" He says giving me a hug. "Hi." I say. We talked til Harry pulled me in the bedroom. "Help me unpack" He whines. "You pulled me in here just for u to say that?" I say. He nods his head. I laugh and help him.


Thank you for the 838 reads! I especially didn't expect this book to get almost 1,000 reads! I'm sorry I haven't been updating in awhile, I've been busy with IMVU, my collab channel on youtube, and Thinking about what chapter I should do next for this book. I love you all! Make sure to fan me for notifications when I update this book again! 

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