True Love Never Ends

Alisha Barren is best friends with Harry Styles. When she confronts her parents that she is dating Harry, They decline it and demand her to break up with him. But for once her parents start to accept the fact that


1. 1 - Asking Out

Alisha POV

I stood in the grass holding Harry's arm close to me, watching the sun set. "This is so romantic. I didn't know you had the skills" I mumble kissing his arm and leaning my head against his arm. He brings me around in front of him, my back facing him. "Yeah. It's in my blood" He said kissing my head. I smile and lean into his chest. He grabs a blanket and a basket. "I figured we could have a picnic." He says. I smile and help Harry lay out the blanket. I sit on it as Harry sits next to me. He pulls out sandwiches, 2 waters, silverware, napkins, snacks, and bags of ice. I smile and put some food on my plate and grab some silverware and napkins. I chew it all up as Harry tells me a funny joke. 


"Oh and this one time, Louis was getting a water and I got the whip cream and poured some into my hand and smacked it against his face and yelled smack cam and he got so mad that he didn't talk to any of us" He says laughing. I started laughing with him. "poor louis." I say and smile. We finish our food. I helped him put stuff away and layed in the grass cuddling. "Alisha?" Harry says. "Yes, Harold?" I joke around. He laughs. I look at him as he leans in. I close my eyes and lean in. I felt wet slobbery lips crash into mine. I kiss him back. I wrap my arms around his neck and play with his hair. We pull away and smile. "Would you like to be my girlfriend?" Harry says kissing my face all over. "Yes." I say. We both lean in for a kiss again. 


This time it was passionate. He wrapped his arms around me protectively. "I will never let you go." He mumbles against my lips. We got up and put the picnic blanket in the back seat along with the basket. We held hands and got in the car. "Harry?" I  say. "Yes?" He says concentrating on the road. "What if my parents won't like you?" I ask him playing with my fingers. He grabs my left hand and squeezes it, kissing the back. "Then, I would have to steal you away from them so they don't take my baby girl away." He says. I blush. He pulls into my driveway and we both get out. 


We walk at the door and we look at each-other. We lean in and kiss again. "Uh-hm" I heard my dads voice say. I groan and pull away. "Hey dad." I mumble. "I thought I told you no boyfriends." He says. I sigh and give Harry a hug. He rubs my back. "sir, She Loves Me, I Love Her. It's her life. You can't control it." Harry says. "She's my daughter and shes not allowed to date you and/or other boys." my dad demands and tries to pull me away. Harry pushes him off of me and grabs me. "Get in the car" Harry mumbles. I can see the madness coming onto Harry's face. His fists curl up and turn white. "Come with me. He's not worth it." I say. Harry gives in walking to the car with me. I hear the front door slam shut. I sigh getting in. "Off to my house!" Harry says kissing my cheek as he buckles himself. I buckle my seat belt and Harry drives to his house. 


We pull up to his house and headed up to his room. We cuddled and talked. "Where's the boys?" I ask. "Probably making-out with their girlfriends except for Niall. He's in the kitchen making out with his food." we both laugh. 

"true. true." I say. "harrrrrrryyyyyy" Louis says and jumps on Harry giving him kisses on his face. "Get yo lips off of my harry." I say and snuggle into harry. "Oh so your cheating on me?" Louis jokes fake crying. "Sorry man" Harry jokes back laughing. Harry gets up and kisses louis cheek and comes back to me. My phone rings. I answer it knowing its my dad. "Sweetie, We need you to come home." My dad says. "What If I don't" I say. "You will get smacked and abused and kicked out of the house. Do you understand?" He says. "You will not touch your own daughter" I yell into the phone as I walk outside. The phone hangs up and I run home. I text harry that I'll be back. 


"welcome home sweetie." My dad says. "yeah yeah." I mumble. My dad pulls me to the house. "We would like to say something, We do not want you dating that douche." He says and my mom nods. My mom was always on my side. I cry. "I love him so much to let him go." I yell. SLAP. My dad slapped me across the face. I pull my hand up to my cheek and cry. SLAP. "SHUT UP!" My mom says. I cry and run out of the house. I run to Harry who is outside waiting for me. 


"Are you okay?" He says. I shake my head no and put my hand down showing him my now red cheek that hurts. "Let's go get ice." He says. We go inside and sets me down on the counter and grabs the ice. He puts it in the towel and comes between my legs pressing it to my cheek. He looks into my eyes and I sob more. "That motherfucker better not touch my baby girl again." He whispers pecking my lips. We head to Harry's room and head to bed. I ended up falling asleep to Harry singing to me. "You don't know you're beautiful, oh oh, That's what makes you beautiful" He mumbles in my ear and falls asleep. 



If I had parent's like Alisha's I would run away and call the child abuse. I hate child abusers. I hate everyone who abuses. If you see someone being abused or at least bullied, Please tell or call someone. Help them out. Be nice, Be friendly. 

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