We See What We Choose to See

2 sisters and 1 friend encounter something that they didnt know that even existed. All starts out with a family fight. Every single one of their worlds turn upside down.


2. A Rude Awakening

I woke up at 3:32 am exactly. I heard a knock at my window, but it kinda confused me because my room is upstairs... But I was half asleep. I walked downstairs and got a glass of water. I stayed up for a couple more minutes. As I walked through the living room towards the stairs, the TV turned on. Nobody was out here. Laying on the couch. My sister was upstairs and my mom was down the hall. I grabbed the remote and shut it off. I started walking up the stairs and I heard it turn on again, but I just ran upstairs and covered up my whole body. Eventually I fell asleep. When I woke up it was 9:30. Mom made pancakes and bacon for me and made bacon and eggs for her and Caitlynn. I went into the bathroom and I was flushed. I was as pale as a ghost. My eyes were blood red. I felt kinda sick, but I ran up in my room grabbed new clothes and changed. I put makeup on to cover up my paleness. I put eye drops in my eyes too. 

My phone vibrated. "Hey mom." 

"Yes Raelynn?" 

"Can I go to Leyanne´s for a little while?" 

"Sure. Just be back by dark. Or if you wanna stay and if her mom is okay with it then let me know."

"Okay mom." 

I rode my bike to her house. It took about 30 minutes because I had to ride pretty far. 

When I got there she was crying. I asked her what was wrong, but all she did was look at me. I was a little scared because she is my best friend. 

Turned out, she was sick. So I had to go home about an hour later.

I just ran up to my room, turned off the light, and laid there for hours trying to take a nap... Trying to forget what I saw.

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