Stuck in the game

Ronnie Banks was a gamer girl. Her 2 friends Tate and Sarah were over for her parents' party. Bored with old games, Ronnie received an email bragging about a new game spreading viz the link.
Curiosity taking them over, Ronnie clicked the link and transported her friends into the gaming world. A girl explains to them that a new game starts either through winning, or when the link is clicked, and that there's no hope to leave.
Unfazed, Ronnie, Tate and Sarah set out to beat the game and eventually go home, which seems harder when they are faced with several enemies and plots that they know and love.


1. Email's await

   Ronnie Banks woke to the sound of the bell ringing in school. Not that she was completely bored or anything, but she’d spent most of her night playing a video game. She was addicted. Unfortunately, her addiction often made her sleepy during school hours, landing her several detentions over the years.  And that day was the same as every other. She’d bought a new video game and couldn’t wait to try it out, the graphics were phenomenal, the sound beautiful and the story slightly lacking in realism. But that didn’t matter to Ronnie. She needed a fix and finished the game in 9 hours and 32 minutes.

   Ronnie looked at the clock on the wall, it was the end of school, she’d faintly heard her teacher talking about telling her parents during her sleep, but Ronnie didn’t really care. She never expected her parents to do anything about it, they knew better than to confiscate anything from Ronnie.


   The school bus was filled with immature children and Ronnie sighed, taking out her handheld game console for a quick fix before heading home. Before she knew it, the bus had arrived on her street. Ronnie switched off her console, put it in her backpack and headed straight for her house. It was a fairly large house; Ronnie’s parents were wealthy doctors, and hoping that Ronnie would follow in their footsteps. This was a rather unlikely scenario, in Ronnie’s mind she wants to design games.


   As soon as she entered the house, Ronnie heard shouting coming from the kitchen.

“VERONICA MARIE BANKS!!!” Ronnie stood in fright; she knew her mum only used her full name when she was in trouble, “What’s this we hear about you falling to sleep in school young lady?”

“I…er…” Ronnie stuttered

“You were playing those stupid games all night again weren’t you?” Ronnie’s mum demanded an answer

“They’re not stupid mum!” Ronnie regretted answering back as soon as the words exited her mouth.

“You’re grounded young lady until you make up the time at school!” Ronnie could see the steam coming out of her mum’s ears in anger.

“Now calm down dear!” Ronnie’s dad interrupted, “We have the party tonight, which include Ronnie’s old friends, we can’t ground her without, in turn, punishing our friends’ children. Leave the punishment until tomorrow.”

Ronnie sighed slightly, thanking to goodness for the party tonight, and hoping that her parents would forget by the next day.

“Fine!” Ronnie’s mum said through gritted teeth, “But don’t think we’ll forget about this! And you need to wear a dress!”

“But mum!!!” Ronnie pleaded

“No buts! Now go and get changed!” Ronnie’s mum ordered.


   Not wanting to push any further, Ronnie ran upstairs to her room to change for the party. It was a small party, but an important one for her parents. Ronnie was just happy that her and her friends could exit to the safe haven of her room for most of the party. Next thing she knew, it was 8pm, time for the party. Ronnie ran downstairs to see who the first guests were. Unfortunately Ronnie’s friends didn’t arrive for another half an hour, meaning that Ronnie had to socialise with other doctors.


   Ronnie was happy to see that her friend Sarah arrived first. Sarah was shorter than Ronnie, something that Ronnie would make fun of over the years.

“Has Tate arrived yet?” Sarah smiled to her friend.

“Not yet” Ronnie blushed slightly.

Sarah started to laugh at her friend, when suddenly Tate arrived behind her, scaring her in the process.

“Speak of the devil…” Ronnie grinned

“Do you have to scare me every time you see me Tate?” Sarah pouted

“But it’s fun!” Tate stuck his tongue out and laughed.

Ronnie sighed as she looked at her friends, Tate had got taller once again and towered over Sarah.

“Let’s go upstairs, I don’t need to socialise with these bores anymore!” Ronnie giggled, ushering her friends up the stairs into her room.

“My mum said you got into trouble again Ronnie” Tate laughed, sitting on her bed, “Told me she hoped I didn’t turn out like you!”

Sarah sat at Ronnie’s desk, checking out the laptop.

“Well, you would be tired too if you’d spent all night playing this!” Ronnie through the new game at Tate, unfortunately it caught him in the head, making Ronnie laugh slightly

“Be careful! Those things can hurt!” Tate rubbed his head, looking at the new game in his hand.

Suddenly, a beep came from Ronnie’s laptop.

“Hey, you’ve got a new email!” Sarah looked, “Let’s see…it says new game hush hush!”

“Well open it then! Ronnie always loves a new game!” Tate laughed.

Ronnie and Tate stood behind Sarah to read the email;


Hello fellow gamer;


Are you tired of playing the same old games over and over again?

Well have we got a surprise for you…a new and exclusive game only spread via email!!

Go on…click the link now and enter a world of wonder and imagination…


“I don’t know about this Ronnie,” Sarah sighed, “seems a bit fishy to me. What if there’s a virus?”

“Come on, you don’t expect if to be like that do you?” Tate asked, curious about the email’s link.

Ronnie held the mouse in her hand, unsure of what she should do. She knew Sarah was right, the logical thing would be that this was a virus. But her curiosity got the better of her and she clicked the link.


The laptop screen went blue, and showed only one word;




“See, not a virus!” Tate huffed. A few seconds past when they realised something wasn’t quite right.

“Do you feel that?” Sarah asked.


   A bright light shone through the computer screen and Ronnie, Sarah and Tate were pulled into the laptop. Around them were many flashing, colourful lights, and then all went black.

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