Whatever happens, happens, right?

This story is about a girl named Natalie who has never liked famous people because of their snotty attitudes.... Until he came along...


2. What A Night

Justin's POV

After that concert, Natalie was on my mind for the rest of the night, I really wish I got her number but I guess I'll get it from Victoria at the next video shoot. I realized I had a way to contact her... Instagram, I decided to go through Victoria's pictures to see if there were any of her and Nat and see if she was tagged. Scrolling through her pictures I found one from Natalie's birthday and realized she was 16, oh boy, I better not mess up. I clicked on the picture to see if she was tagged and I did a little happy dance when she was. "Score!" I said to myself, I quickly followed her and saw she had her snapchat in her bio, so I decided to add her on there to. 

I came to the conclusion that I should message her:

ME: Hey, forgot to ask you for your number, so I stalked your sisters Insta to find you.

I waited for like 10 minutes until I got a response,

NAT: ...Uh hi? Isn't that a little creepy?

ME: I guess, but I couldn't get you off my mind ;)

NAT: Still creepy 

ME: So can I get it?

NAT: Not yet, you have to earn that sir

ME: Oh damn, should've believed Victoria when she said you were gonna be hard, haha

NAT: Well that's me, but I still don't like you

ME: WOW, way to shatter my heart </3 

NAT: Sorry but I need a good reason to like you

ME: I'll give it to you sweetheart ;)

NAT: ...Okay, well enough with this conversation haha, I'm going to bed

NAT: Night Bieber

ME: Oh okay, goodnight love :)

I guess she'll be harder than I thought, low key thought I had her at the concert, guess not. "JB you gotta step up your game!" I screamed in my head. Since she's a lot younger then me, I'll have to be the best I can be so I don't mess up and hurt both our futures. She turns 17 in a few days so it'll be fine, wonder what I should surprise her with?


Natalie's POV

When we got home I seriously needed a sleeping pill so I wouldn't toss and turn all night, after that little conversation we had on Insta I really just feel like he's too stuck up and dirty for my liking, seriously don't want to talk to him, he can be friends with my sister but not me. What a night!

**Next Day**

I was laying in my bed all morning, glad I didn't have to go to school today, thanks to my sister being a good sister, all I could think about was how it is 3 days till I turn 17 and Vic will literally let me stay home by myself, bless up! I have no idea what I want, but I'm sure I'll be surprised, low key nervous. 

I was so caught up in my thoughts, I didn't realize I got a couple messages, as I looked down at my phone and externally groaned and rolled my eyes, the devil has texted me, let's see what he says, lol.

JUSTIN: Good Morning Gorgeous! Hope you're having a great day at school! (sent at 5:30 AM)

JUSTIN: Hey :)

ME: Morning Bieber, didn't go to school today because Victoria is the greatest human being ever.

JUSTIN: She is a saint, bless her for taking care of my angel :)

ME: I'm definitley not your angel or anything of yours, thank you very much.

JUSTIN: Oh, soon you will

ME: Excuse me but last time I checked I didn't want anything to do with you

JUSTIN: Oh is that why you melted when I smiled at you last night, I know you like me, just embrace it

ME: Is that what you thought it was? Oh well I was trying hard not to cringe

JUSTIN: Babe stop denying that you don't like me, I bet you think I am the most beautiful person you've ever seen

ME: Wrong again

JUSTIN: I know you do, you secretly listen to my music and fantasize about us being together, I have proof

ME: WTF do you mean by proof?!

JUSTIN: You're sister is a blessing ;)

ME: She's lying

JUSTIN: Keep telling yourself that, Babe ;)

I decided to leave him on read because I am just sick of him being such a dick, why would my sister tell him things that weren't true.

"VICTORIA!" I screamed from the top of the stairs

"What?" She screamed back

"Why did you tell Justin I secretly listen to his music and fantasize about him?"

"It's true, your spotify has all his albums in your recents and last night you kept whispering his name in your sleep." She said nonchalantly

"I... Did... What in MY sleep?!"

"I couldn't tell if you were moaning his name or whispering it."

"No fucking way! Why would you tell him then?"

"He knows everything about you, how about you learn more about him?"

That's all I could think about for the remainder of the day, why do I feel like I'm being pulled under his spell? 


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