Things Happen

Lucas is the popular/bad boy in the school and it just so happens a boy catches his eye named Travis and Lucas starts protecting him and hanging out with him. Will they become a couple or stay friends?


4. Travis' POV

After we went to Colarodo I went home to his parents and it was awkward but they love me like a Son in-law speaking of Son in-law I'm going to propose to Lucas when he gets back and I already have his Dad's blessing 

-5 Months Later-

I was walking in the park with Lucas in my Tux after our anniversary dinner ring in my pocket I sat him on the fountain and turned the projector on and it said "5 Months Together is shorter than a year a year is shorter than eternity and eternity is shorter than forever" the projector shut off and I was on one knee he cried I opened the box and these words came out of my mouth "Lucas White will you Marry me and spend forever with me?" I ask and he says yes as I slip the ring on he kisses me and as we got home that night his dad saw the ring on and he hugged me tight me and Lucas went to bed that night engaged not boyfriends 

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