Things Happen

Lucas is the popular/bad boy in the school and it just so happens a boy catches his eye named Travis and Lucas starts protecting him and hanging out with him. Will they become a couple or stay friends?


5. Lucas' POV

Travis and I stayed home all day today and my mum and dad moved out and bought a new house a little after the afternoon Travis went to a friends house so I invited my friend Derrick and he pushed me against the wall immediately when he got inside and I feel guilty for kissing back and it we started taking clothes off and we well fucked each other to make it worse he didn't use a condom after our friends with benefits sex I heard the door unlocking and threw Derrick out the window with his stuff and got my clothes on and started cleaning Once Travis got inside he wrapped his arms around my waist. I flinched and turned around softly kissing him and playing with the rim of his pants while taking his belt off and pulling his pants down and I started sucking his cock he started moaning I took all our clothes off and for the second time today I had sex after sex I got dressed and told him I was going to Derricks for a bit and he said ok so I ran to his house and well you guessed it we had sex well I asked Travis if he wanted a threesome and he aggreed so he came over and we had a threesome so today was great for sex

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