Things Happen

Lucas is the popular/bad boy in the school and it just so happens a boy catches his eye named Travis and Lucas starts protecting him and hanging out with him. Will they become a couple or stay friends?


3. Lucas' POV

Today me and Travis went to the mall so he could get clothes since his Mom moved again without him so I got him a flannel with ripped skinny jeans and some vans then he picked out the rest and after that we went to the beach and I pushed him in the water and his flannel got wet so I could see his six pack and we went home and changed but before he could gets his shirt on I pushed against the wall and kissed him and he kissed back! I just couldn't help it he was so hot and glamorous he slowly took my shirt and well you know what happened next and then we ate lunch and we both came out as gay on Twitter and Instagram and we went to Warped Tour to so I could tour with my band and he came with and we played but he stayed on the bus I came back sweaty and hugged him and he rolled away "Roll away from da sweat!" He said and we went off to the next destination!

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