Things Happen

Lucas is the popular/bad boy in the school and it just so happens a boy catches his eye named Travis and Lucas starts protecting him and hanging out with him. Will they become a couple or stay friends?


1. Lucas' POV

Today our teacher said there was a new kid in class she brought him up to the front and damn he was sexy he had Neon green hair and he was wearing a band tee with ripped skinny jeans and he had tattoos from his neck down to his ankles and he looked at me and I smirked and he sat next to me cause the teacher said to and she glared at him I invited him to my lunch table and we talked and my other buddies joined me and we talked until it was time for music and I play the drums and he plays the guitar. I gave him my number at the end of the day and we hung out and he went home at 7:00 so I went to sleep after he left

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