5. mean friends

I went to math class and a friend was making fun of me in the math teacher

At this point they were making fun of me so much continuously and I tried to tell them to stop but it didn't work.

So I went outside and talk to my math teacher and he told me to ignore them so I did.

Then during fourth block I was still being made fun of and then I talked to my teacher and then I went to the restroom was some really good friends and we talked about it and he's getting a consequences I decided to go to the principal but then I decided not to because the teacher said she could handle it herself and then he would always make fun of me when the teacher was not around. Luckily for me I almost cried but I was able to hold it together

Mean people are always not nice but you have to be nice to everybody.

Someone is being mean to you just ignore them or tell them to stop if that doesn't work just don't pay attention to them

You do you deserve more than this person is giving to you

Someone is being mean to you God is always by your side no matter what

The end hope you enjoy this chapter

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